12 v roof pump battery questions

I am thinking of getting the 5850 or fat boy roof kit on pressure tek . My question is will this battery (image attached ) specs be sufficient for powering these motor or does anyone have a better recommendation also recommendation for battery charger and tank. Thanks in advance !

That should work but youre better off buying local. Batteries come with warranties. I pay a little extra to get the 3 year warranty and just bring them back for a free replacement when they stop taking a full charge.

Pressure tek reccomends a bluetop optima for the bandit system. Runs about $275. I have one and ended up with a $85 one as well. Optima lasts almost twice as long before needing a charge. Not sure on longevity. I’m sure someone knows.

This is an interesting take on soft washing. No battery at all.


Head for costco or interstate outlet.
I just picked up three bluetops at $55 a piece :grimacing:

@lynnster74 do you run all 3 at same time or 1 at a time?

Just one. Other two went in my boat

I run Walmart or autozone batteries and keep the receipts. I usually get 2 years out of each.

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What is the specs I’m am looking for if i go to Walmart AutoZone etc?

Just get a good name brand deep cycle battery like for a trolling motor. Or you can go with agm battery. If you’re going to be doing a lot of big roofs, run them in parallel, If just using for small and misc jobs, one will be find. You’ll spend about $100-125 each from somewhere like Sams or Walmart


Thanks for the info very appreciated I’m thinking on getting 30- 50 gallon tank to start . Any good websites for online order or stores around Palm Beach county to go pickup

Sprayer Depot in Fl somewhere

Apopka, Fl. Just north of Orlando. Live 15 min away and bought my tank there. Great service and pricing.

We have an Interstate battery depot nearby and I swear it’s the cheapest priced batteries I’ve ever seen. Restoring a golf cart and I got all six (6) for $240. I’d try to see if one is in your area

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