12" recovery surface cleaner max gpms?

I’m looking at buying the mosmatic 12" recovery surface cleaner to clean apartment stairwells without swamping them. Thing is, I run an 8gpm machine so I don’t know if it can handle the flow. The websites that sell it don’t list max flow or if they do they’re conflicting (one says max is 5.5gpm and another says 13gpm for an 8" graffiti cleaner version).

I need this pretty soon. Next 2 months or so.

Just bought this to do the breezeways on the advice of someone who does lots if apartments. Mainly because this won’t clog up with dog hair like the comparable mosmatics. Still need a smaller one for stairwells. Will not be spray gunning those.

it’s 3gpm minimum 13gpm max, so when if this are fudged specs, i think your good.

This was the product listed with 13gpm max.
Not the 12" unit.

This site says it withstands 4gpm.

i think your good on 8gpm

this is the same spec for the 12in

What website did you find the 12" on?

it’s kleenrite.