12’ Enclosed - Round Two

This will be long winded because why not??

Needed to change things up from initial trailer build. Goals were to be more efficient, better utilize space and to stop tripping over crap. The ability to re-use what I put in this trailer on next trailer (year or two)

Measured everything I was keeping and adding to trailer. Contacted our resident OCD builder here @TexasPressureWashing for input. Heath sent me a layout of a trailer he stumbled upon and off I went.

Getting rid of the 275gal tote was easy. I didn’t want to pull the PW out as I did this remodel alone and that sucker is heavy and works perfectly. (MVP- Jimmy and Diego)
I was unaware the tote folds up…

I did the math. Hours and risk moving/reinstalling PW vs. 10 minutes of a sawzall. Sawzall won! Around here I’d get $50-75 for the tote max. My time is worth more than the savings. (Note: wear hearing protection lol)

The next two pix are from initial build looking in back and side.

There was no hopping into trailer to grab something. This was great to get started though as I figured out what would work for me.

I finished it up Saturday and worked it today. Completely worth my time, money and effort. 110%

Once again thank you to everyone who posts here. Thanks to Heath for the initial photo that got me thinking and bouncing ideas around.


Jimmy Ray Jim Bob Allen is the man. Next time you see him ask him about hating me when he first started working with me. I have the effect sometimes.

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Still has your sign up. Lol

The new style GP inline t-strainers are absolute junk! They split/break on the threaded section of the polycarbonate bowl. I got less than a month out of 3 of them. I threw all the new ones I still had in the trash.

@dperez works for me.

Yes indeed. Tighten them enough so they don’t leak and they crack, or you can’t unscrew them without an oil filter wrench, which cracks them

I’ve never broken another brand because I got crazy cranking them down as I’ve always known it was a possiblity so I just barely snug them just enough to seal it. One day I was at one of my shops and I saw a clear shard on the ground. I immediately went and checked the few that I had in service at that location and found two of the three had let go. I replaced them with new bowls and a few weeks later I checked them out to see how they were doing and yup they were now breaking too. I was like well that was that lol

I went back to the glass reinforced polypropylene from Banjo you know the one that never let me down. Don’t stray when you find a good thing!

That’s good to know. I have that same filter you said you had issues with. Sounds like I need to have that banjo as a backup. Didn’t see it on pressuretek. Where do you buy the banjo filter from?

Cheapest on Zoro

@softworks I run the LSTM075-80 but the size may not work for you. The other ones are here


I’m still trying to get it???

That’s what she said!

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Why yes I was also thinking about my wife when I said that lol

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only ole garry could turn a banjo strainer into a relationship therapy session :face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Or have a relationship with a strainer screen

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Remember that time garry divorced his ladder mid way through a job? Poor fella, life came crashing down like a tonne of bricks.

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Every relationship has its ups and downs ;>) and its always best to use a stabilizer and mits!

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