11,200 sq feet of brick pavement!

Hey guys. I’m new to the business and to the thread. I come here often to do research. I have my first estimate and it’s a fairly big brick sidewalk job. It covers 11,200 sq feet. It’s not too dirty but they want it cleaned. Can somebody give me help with pricing. I don’t want to over shoot it and miss out or go under and hurt myself. I’m thinking .17 cents a sq foot bringing it just under 1900. Please any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!!

Are the bricks sanded in between? What equipment do you have?


Thanks for reaching out
No sand. I will ad pictures at the end

There are weeds growing in between the brick.

I have a 8gpm 3500 psi. I have a down streamer, a 4 gallon back pack sprayer. Surface cleaner and j rod tips and the normal color tips.

In my area, commercial job like that would be more like $.05-$.10 a sq ft. I got 7000 sq ft tomorrow and it will take about 2 hours with my 8 gpm. Did 9700 sq ft last week and it took 3 hours from pull up to pull out.

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Can I ask you
Do you wet the brick first the. Apply a pretreatment of bleach and some surfactant.
Then surface clean the. Rinse?

Lol were you running when you took those pics??? :joy:

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Hahaha I use to be a UPS driver. Running is my walk hahaha. I didn’t take any picture and just snapped them from my video.

You stated that the ground was not too dirty so I assume very little to no mold and just some light dirt. I would DS a simple soap over 2-3000 sq ft. Surface clean, soap the next 2-3000 sq ft then back to rinse the first 2-3000 sq ft (this is to give the second section of soap a dwell while you rinse the first). Using a ball valve machine would not stop until job is done alternating between soap, surface clean, soap next section, rinse prior section and repeat.
If you have spots of mold/algae just spot treat at start with a pump up.

Did 4200 sq ft this morning in just over an hour. Easy peasy!

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Damn bud, you snap those photos with a toaster?

What size SC you running? Next time you clean one, have someone shoot a video. 4200’ in an hour pretty impressive unless a maintenance account. I’d like to see.

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You may be a little high, but it looks like there’s a fair amount of algae in those cracks, so you’re going to have to pre-treat with a 3-4% mix and then clean. Plus you’ve got that raised edge all around that’s going to take a little extra time. Also how’s it drain, how far you have to chase the dirty water, water supply, etc all come into play. You may be cheap at your price depending on variables. No need messing with it unless you make some decent money.


Hahaha I didn’t take any pictures. It’s a screen shot from a video lol

I saw the video on the FB page. It looks like the joint sand has washed out and has allowed weeds to grow in the cracks. Areas such as 3:05 of your video. It may be a smart idea for them to resend it after you’ve washed as it would help prevent ingress of water in the joints which would weaken the paved area, which in turn could cause failure in the pad.
You could try up selling it perhaps.

A bit hard to polish that turd of a job though