10gpm 2000psi?

Right now I have a 7gpm at 4000psi but I was wanting to buy another machine and I was wondering if 10 gpm at 2000psi would be enough pressure to clean… It would mainly be used to surface clean and then to push water in parking lots I know the 10gpm is a lot but I just didn’t know if 2000psi would be enough

Hopefully someone with more flatwork expertise will chime in but I think it would work for regular dirty residential concrete but I would wonder about greasy concrete or gum.

Anybody know for sure?

As far as moldy concrete, throw down a good HW mix and let it dwell, then you really shouldn’t have a problem.

Then change the tips in your current surface cleaner to only put out 2,000 psi. I am sure that it will still clean, just know that it will clean faster when you bump your flow up to 10 gpm.

When you say 10 gpm @ 2000 psi you’re talking about at the pump…Right?

Remember length of hose will drop your psi. I think the rule of thumb is 1 psi for every foot so keep this in mind. Also running a down-streamer inline will reduce your gpm.

But to answer your question…Yes.

Thanks everyone for your replies. I’m ran into a company that’s about to give me a lot of flat work like parking garages so I wanted to buy another machine. I’ve used my friends washer a few times 5gpm@3500 and it feels like a water hose after using mine so I’m wonders what would be a good machine to buy?

parking garages are a whole different can of worms, talk to someone who has experience washing them

2000 psi is not enough for concrete cleaning I think 3000 min. Just an opinion but after you connect 200 ft of hose and put some hours on your pump you will be at 1500 psi. Not enough.

What nozzle would reduce my machine (7gpm 4000 PSI) down to 2,000 psi for soft wash and car cleaning having troubles finding the right rinse nozzle to bring it down!!!

Do you know how to read a nozzle chart?

I think I do, but is his chart also for finding out which nozzle needed to reduce or just find what your machine is at full power

Dumb question;(

Most use it to determine what nozzles they need to reduce the pressure. You need to do a lot more reading before you wash a house or even a car. The term soft washing has a few different definitions, but in any case 2k psi is way to high for stucco or any home or car.

I wont give you the answer to what nozzle you need to get your pressure down, but i can tell you how to read the chart so you can, its simple.

First start of by looking for the desired PSI at the top of the chart.
Next, under the desired psi go straight down that column until you find the gpm your machine makes.
After that go all the way to the left under “Standard nozzle size” to find what nozzle you will need to lower your pressure to the desired psi.

Also there are a lot of factors that can affect the psi “at the gun” such as wand, length of hose, downstream injector, elbows in the plumbing, ect. So even if you have a 2k psi nozzle the actual pressure will probably be lower.

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Okay, I’ve read 1500 psi is okay on vehicles never had any issues in past but I do understand what you are saying winnow that I know how to read that chart what would be a good psi for soft washing method?

So the gpm rating is all the numbers because my machine is 7gpm so if I read it correct for 500 psi would be 7.07? Is that the correct reading?

7.07 is the GPM. For 500 PSI at 7.07 GPM (so basically your machine), you need a #20 nozzle size.

Okay perfect I just wanted to make sure can that be bad on my machine with me reducing 4000 psi to that low of a psi?

Also what is a good psi for soft washing houses?

Not that i am aware of.

To answer your other question, there is no universal answer as to what PSI ‘softwashing’ is, but lower is generally preferred. 40-150 PSI is the range a lot of guys are at.

That pressure washer nozzle chart stops at 500 for some reason. Here’s one that goes down to 40 PSI. A #50 or #60 nozzle would put you in the 50-100 PSI range.


Thank you for that…

I’m just wondering if it can be damaging going that low I know you can adjust by nozzle but going that low I wonder hmm?

What the best website that has all nozzles with that orfice size?

Dont worry about running it at low PSI, thats how everyone does it.

Pressure Tek has all the nozzles you need.