10ft tall rust stain?

I had a customer give me a call looking for a house wash and to remove an orange layer of dirt only on the front part of her house. It’s about 10ft tall, and 40ft long.

It’s not rinsing off so I figure it’s been there for a long while. She says her dogs tear up the yard, get dirty, and lay against the way. Lots of dirt gets kicked up too, I figure that’s why it’s up so tall.

I tried a test spot with stuff called “rust aid” (used it bc I don’t have much experience with this kind of stain) and scrubbed it on the siding, and it starting coming off. Is there anything I can DS that will take this off quicker? She says she dosent care of the price, she just wants it gone.

That might be what the fellas here call fallout. I bet it’s from the red clay in the lawn.

I was thinking either red clay or fallout. Have you tried a degreaser

Fallout us normally located the first foot directly under the eaves. It’s more black in color because it’s caused from the pollutants in the environment. The reason it’s only under the eaves is because it kind of hovers under there and the rain can’t get to it to wash it away on occasion.

You can try Oxalic first. If that doesn’t work F9 Barc should take care of it. Since it’s vinyl you could even try some other acids. Just rinse them off of other surfaces right away. I used aluminum brightener on a vinyl rust stains the other day and it worked great. Even better than Muriatic mixed 1:1. I just sprayed it on with a puvmp up. No scrubbing required. If you start scrubbing you might end up disturbing oxidation and will have to scrub the whole side. Down streaming an acid will dilute it down too much to work. You’ll have to use a pump up or spray bottle.

Was the orange there before you even started washing? Is she on a well? The stains are up kind of high to be mud or clay stains.


I hit it with 1:1 muratic but it didn’t touch it. Even with scrubbing. It was all there before I started washing. Not too sure if she’s on a well or not. I’ll try some oxalic in the pump, then F9 if it dosent do much. How should it be diluted ?

At first she told me it was all dust and dirt that’s settled. But my regular sh mix didn’t lift anything.

Someone told me to use somethjng called One Step but warned me I’d have to wash the whole house with it if I did, dirty or not

Dogs or horses? That’s pretty high up lol

I figure its clay oxalic should take care of it.

Garren, How the heck can you live here and not know what that is? Mud stains or often baked in clay from dust that hardened from construction while house was built or houses around it. It’s on 75% of the houses around here. Go over to Socar, buy some Flashback, put in pump up, spray it on, let it sit for a min or 2 and rinse it off with about 200 psi fan. Really bad spots you may have to hit twice. The only negative is you’re going to need to do most the side unless a good breaking point, because where you use it, it’s going to look like new.


One Restore. You can apply with an xjet and it’ll rinse right off. Might even get a strong enough mix with a hi-draw injector.

I have not yet figured out the cause of those orange stains on white vinyl, but I believe it has something to do with some flaws in the vinyl itself. We don’t have red clay, in ground sprinklers, or other things that are usually cited as suspects, and I see those same stains quite a bit.

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That’s obviously red mud stains. Get you some aluminum brighter from one of our many chemical suppliers here in sc spray it on the vynal only and make sure you rinsed any bleach off real well. Don’t get it on you are any glass. It’s going to make it whiter in the area you sprayed so your going to want to fade it in around the edges so it not very noticeable. I always tell my customers about the stain before I do the job and let them know it will look a lot whiter if I do clean it. Some say yes some say no.

Be careful handling it.

I’ll head that way. Its really only on the front of the house, bottom floor. Its probably around 40ft total of it. would it clean it so well, id have to do the second story with it, just to make them match?

She said she wasn’t too worried about the brick, but I feel like its more noticeable on the other side of the house where the brick is about 3ft tall. Shouldn’t muriatic work better on it since its good with masonry and concrete, etc.

It will likely clean every last bit of the stain off. Vinyl cleans up extremely well. As far as doing the second story it just depends if it also has the stain. If it does you’ll probably have to do it so it looks good. You might be able to get it from the ground with a pump up. Even the cheap Wal-Mart pump ups shoot 30+ feet. Just be careful of windows with the acid. Rinse them right away if you get any on them.