1" Banjo Valve

Trying to use a Banjo valve that came with a past purchase and trying to reduce 1" to 3/8ths" hose. The openings to the Banjo are threaded female. I’ve looked for a reducer that would get me down to 3/8ths with little luck. Can anyone suggest a source or another way to reduce this so that I can run some 3/8" hose in and out of it?

It will take 2 reducers I think. You would have 1" to 1/2" bushing and then 1/2" to 3/8" bushing or something similar but will get you to 3/8". Not sure you will find just a single fitting to go from 1" to 3/8"

Oh, I just realized you’re going to hose. Get a 1" to 1/2" bushing and then a 1/2" npt to 3/8" barb fitting. Done

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Find a good local hydraulic supply shop. They’re worth their weight in gold!

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Both responses are good. Tractor Supply has what you need Im sure. But a hose shop should have too

What in the world are you working on George?

Go down to B&B… take GB BLVD all the way to Bainbridge and you will see it.

Figured a trip to B&B tomorrow. To answer Rowdy, I’m being plagued by my softwash system again. It’s lost a lot of its kick lately and I’m eliminating potentials until I find it. Last time it was a metal fitting that had corroded badly. I suspect a metal valve that shouldn’t have been put on there in the first place may be the culprit.

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Well played @Donut.

Thanks everyone!


Why not just get the right size banjo vs throwing on numerous fittings?

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Well, then it wouldn’t be as fun…

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I always use what I have if I can.

True dat!

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Even if it takes 37 fittings and is only a little cheaper it happens.