$1,500 to spend?

I have a little Christmas money to spend but I’m torn between this:

and this:

And, no, I’m not going to get both by buying cheaper alternatives, lol.

Help a brother out. What should I do?

I don’t listen to music much and I’ve hung a lot of crown molding with a cheap Makita chop saw. Spend that money on BBQ, comfy boots, a Tilley hat and spend the rest buying a key to open the thread you locked.


Now that’s a funny response… You never used a chop saw to cut crown molding… A chop saw doesn’t do angles… and…I already have a Tilley hat… and… I mostly wear sneakers…and…Memphis is the only place I eat BBQ, when I make my pilgrimage to Graceland…

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I’ve found I prefer either a good Bosch or Hitachi miter saw over my friends Festool. I wouldn’t buy that instead even if all I did was interior finishing.

If your into music enough to even consider that turntable then you are the type of person that would appreciate something like that for many years to come. If I was between one or the other it would be the turntable hands down. Good luck with your decision!

As a Carpenter and someone who doesn’t listen to a lot of music, I have also hung a lot of crown molding with a harbor freight chopsaw believe it or not. Big 10 inch sliding compound miter saw that still running to this day.

However when I was doing built-ins and some cabinet work I probably had the same Makita chopsaw and it didn’t work much different than the harbor freight one I have now. Long as I keep everything squared up.

But if I could only choose between those two things, I choose the festool.


I grew up calling all power saws Skill saws. A miter saw is a chop saw is a miter saw. we used to hang trim for $1 a cut and I’ve cut a lot of trim. I’d buy a tool over a record player any day though.

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I have seen the new Bosch Axial-Glide. that’s insane. It’s a contender but…

That’s gold right there. Just having a hard time with the “but I should buy…” voice in my head.

Lol. I love that quote.

Yeah, that’s my dilemma. I love good tools.

I didn’t click your link. It looked like a record player. I guess it says it’s a turn table. We have different words for the same stuff apparently

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You can never have too many tools.


No, it’s a “record player,” you’re right. But calling that a record player is like calling a 1.7 GPM , 110V “pressure washer” a “pressure washer.” Many people wouldn’t even consider it in the category.

Most record players are self contained units that have an amp and a speaker built in where as turntables need to be hooked to an amp and played through external speakers.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad scenario here -

Poor Dad would get the turntable.

Rich Dad would get the saw and then use it to earn the money to buy the turntable.


The Rich Dad couldn’t make money with the turntable?


Only so many DJ events, but people constantly need things fixed

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My dad still has it.


Ok. I thought they were the same thing. I wasn’t allowed to listen to music growing up and didn’t have one. I like music from before I was born but even now my radio will go a year at a time without being turned on. Get both though, it’s only money and you can always make more.

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BTW - a sliding miter is on my list. I have a regular, but really want the sliding, so much more versatile.

Good call on not going cheap to get both. Then you will have 2 things that are crap verses 1 really good thing.

Me too. I like the footprint of the Festool. Can place it right against the wall and the precision is incredible but wow, the price…

Oh man, that shot like an arrow through my soul. All my growing up memories have music attached to them.
Music is the soundtrack of your life. Even King Saul was soothed by music. As I type this I have an audio system on my PC that would rival most people’s home theater. I’m listening to Steely Dan as I type this and it sounds like a concert hall in my office.