1/2” pump 3/4” out

Currently redoing all of my plumbing. I’m upgrading to three-quarter inch inputs before the 12 V pumps and on the transfer one I am going to do three-quarter inch out. Will putting three-quarter inch tubing on the outlet of a 1/2 inch rated pump not be good?

No need for either - 1/2" hose at 60psi will flow more than 15gpm. The only reason to is you can’t get the non crushable hose in 1/2" size. I’ve got 3/4’ incoming on my trailer and it doesn’t shoot a bit better than my 12v on truck w/ 1/2"

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What prompted me to do so was I had ordered a three-way poly valve to switch between water and SH on the fly to rinse out everything. When I got the poly valve I looked at the whole size and it was like about a quarter inch. On my second pump set up I have 3 Different Freeway valves and I feel that the significant restriction over the course of three of those would add up pretty considerably. The Banjo three-quarter inch valves have almost a full half inch on the inside where it turns which would basically be full half-inch unrestricted flow.

So I decided to get the best of both worlds. The bottlenecks were the 1/2” banjo 3 way valves. I’m going to use 1/2” hose to 3/4” mpt so that when it passes thru the 3/4” valves it’s full size flow. I don’t really like the 3/4” tubing it’s too bulky and as you said not needed.

Isn’t this non-crushable?

LOL, NO, not at all. I can crush that with my fingers.

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What brand do you like the best?

Beats me, several companies have. I don’t like the wire reinforced as much. Just ask for Spiraflex - they make in different colors but I prefer the semi clear with pvc