1/2 3 way ball valve

I’ve had a bad run of half inch 3 way valves on my roof pump set up. 3 broken in June alone. No abnormal use or misuse. I’m looking for viable replacements but so far all I have found is brass. Anyone have a link to a banjo version they use? I have been looking for a few days and I’m not having any luck with anything 1/2. Thanks


They have been out of stock for awhile now but that’s exactly what I want.

Nice thx

@banjovalves.com alscoa

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Meh I dont wana have to use reducers

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This one has viton seals.


Hey I’m new to pwra and this is an older thread but I just ordered these today: 1/2" 3-Way Stainless Steel (304) Ball Valve - L Port with Mounting Pad, 1000PSI NPT https://www.amazon.com/dp/B077STQRTK/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_RmcMDbGQKE2T9

They are 1/2” stainless steel. Do you see any problem with using this for SH?

Nothing wrong with using them at all. They just don’t last very long. 316 SS would corrode a bit slower than 304 SS but you won’t get anywhere near the life running a polypropylene BV with PTFE seats.


Thanks for the quick feedback! I have switched everything I have to stainless, including a stainless super suds sucker for my down steamer, two stainless tees for the pressure hose and bypass and quick connect fittings too. I am hoping to keep all of the fittings including the shurflo pump going for a long time by flushing every time I put bleach through with a neutralizer. Since those stainless ball valves are only $25 each I will use them and report back on how long they lasted me with flushing each time. If they don’t last more than a season I will most likely ditch them and go to the poly ones. My machine is a beast and rattles like crazy. (New hydrotek scx30008). I like that the stainless ones would be very durable.

The main reason I bought those is because I just got a new bleach tank and I wanted to get it plumbed up right away and they were available on Amazon one day. Typically shop at the power wash store but the poly ones were out of stock and even if they were it would take about for five days to reach me. I have a huge job coming up Monday I wanted to be all set up to transfer bleach and no longer lug around carboys!

Another question. Do you see any issues with leaving a drop tube in the bleach tank permanently? I plan on getting the PVC filter so that it won’t disintegrate into the bleach like the mushroom ones do.

Thank you for your time and responses! PWRA is amazing, I see a lot of good people on here helping people out. Now that I’ve created an account you’ll probably hear a lot from me too lol.

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Personally I wouldn’t even run a filter in my bleach tank. What are you filtering out of clean bleach/water anyway? If you get any small debris in your tank it’s nothing that will adversely affect the performance of the soft wash pump. She isn’t going to bat an eye!

I just watch this video from Anderson clean power wash about why you need a bleach filter. https://youtu.be/X8yXPEU3V6Q

Seems legit. I’m not using a soft wash pump I’m down streaming from the pressure washer do you think that would make a difference? What I thought I would do is put a filter on the end of the drop tube for when I’m transferring it from the bulk bleach tank at the pool supply place so the bleach comes in to my storage tank clean…

Yes, sorry I was thinking all the conversation was in regards to a soft wash set up. Yes run a filter for your DS tank.

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Have used a filter ever since this got suck up :\


That thing needs to die, quickly!

Is that @SchertzServicesLLC cat?

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Looks friendly :flushed:

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I haven’t used a filter in 20 years. No need for it

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