✌__May be back__✌

Good luck everybody.

Good luck to you!

I’m tapping out officially as well. It was date night and I’m in a good mood because of that and we’re doing a commercial job this weekend out of town and I’m gonna finally buy a bandsaw I’ve been wanting for awhile when I get paid. I don’t have the brainspace to deal with folks like @awesomewash1 and certainly won’t be any part of him creating a YouTube channel with ZERO experience more than I may already have.

I owe some folks some responses via message and a couple videos. I’ll have that closed out by Sunday since I’ll have nothing but time tomorrow and Sunday after work.

You know how to find me.

All the best!

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Send me you’re number and good luck with the business. Maybe I’ll see you at next year’s conference.

Dammit… everyone is leaving. First @Innocentbystander, now @squidskc. Who next? @Racer? @Atlas1? @tireshark? I learn so much from you guys and this forum is losing great resources. This is a damn shame.


They will be back in less than a month. If not next spring when the season hits.

I’m not going anywhere…I’m basically just a lurker at this point anyway…I’ve just been a bit more active lately because I’ve had more time available. I usually just sit back and wait for guys like him to get bored and leave.

I’ve actually been a bit more active on here this year than I planned to be anyway, to be honest. @Racer @MrSparkleVA and @squidskc have actually drawn me in to more threads than I intended, LOL