Whats the best way to clean this building?


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20% is a theoretical, laboratory conditions, in a vacuum with no gravity, sort of number. If you’re using a small machine with 50’ of hose, you might get a 20% draw rate. Any real machine with a realistic amount of hose will have closer to 10-13% draw rate, max.

If it were me, I would plan on xjetting the whole thing. Find the right proportioning tip so that I could run straight SH with surfactant, and not need to refill as often. Then if I found an especially stubborn area, I could pull the proportioning tip out to spot treat that area.


Thanks for all the help guys. We were supposed to start on thursday but respectfully declined the work at this point. We put this bid in 9 months ago in which time they have given us numerous red flags. Cant get a hold of anybody 65% of the time, no communication between office personal and grounds maintenance crew. 3 reschedules which screwed up our scheduling and left us a few days off (no good) and was communicated on multiple occasions that they would have a lift rented for date(s) of work which 3 days ago they decided to tell us they no longer were doing and wanted us to do it. We have a strong feeling we would get burned on the price of the lift rental as it wasnt added into the approved bid estimate because that was their responsibility. After speaking to an office staff member this morning who apparently had no idea about any of the other reschedules (sounds like it was never even cleared through them to be scheduled the first 2 times) we opted out of this job. It sucks to give up a nice hit like that right in the beginning of the season especially after all the time we had invested into communication with them. But it seems like this is the best option to not get robbed.


Sounds like a good plan. Focus your time elsewhere.


I was scheduled to start cleaning 32 apartment buildings on Monday.
Today I got ask to put a bid in for a property. That property happens to be the one we’re scheduled to start in 6 days :roll_eyes:. I called the management company to see what the heck was going on . Apparently they have been through 3 account reps since the contract was signed. And nobody knew the job was already awarded.
Moral of the story.
PEOPLE ARE IDIOTS. And suck at there jobs most of the time especially the people that are supposed to handling this as part of there job.
I wouldn’t turn it down I would just figure out who the correct person to talk to is and deal with them only.
Don’t let there poor excuse for work ethics cost you money. I think you should call them back explain your concerns and move forward with the job … WITH A DEPOSIT


The same exact scenario happen to me last year with a huge apt building.

Landing the job and no return calls a week before starting.

Finally got a hold of someone and they informed me that the faculty manager no longer works there.

I was then forwarded to the new manager and they wanted a new quote.

Sent the same quote and never heard back.

All part of the commercial games…


I don’t see it as a game . There job is on the line when they hire you. If you screw up it makes them look bad.
They all want to be a hero to there account. It can seem ridiculous I’ll agree. I’m sure we’ll end up still doing the job . I’m actually relieved in a way that week job not getting done allows me to catch up on residential stuff that has been waiting to long.


Yeah I hear you.

I call it games because of the hoops you have to go through sometimes with those jobs.

Its like a line of never ending people who somehow get involved.

From the facility maintenance company, to the board of directors, to the nosy residents ect…

Sometimes its gets to the point where your dealing with three different people at the same time.


I have an HOA with 13 board members :exploding_head:. It’s a fregin nightmare. Especially since half of them live up north half the year. And they don’t talk to each other much because they don’t like each other. It’s a comedy show half the time.


I believe that’s only for the low gpm machines.