What questions to ask before washing a house

Not exactly. He’s thinking I’m doing exact stoichiometry here. I’m assuming 12.5% SH then rounding with the numbers I’m posting about. The truth is it doesn’t matter exactly what the % is, what matters is what the results are given the ratio of water to SH is.

I still think knowing approximately what you have and what is needed to do the job at hand is helpful. No reason to use more SH than needed in a job. Having only one ratio no matter the condition just doesn’t make much sense to me. But that’s just me, I over analyze everything

What he’s saying is that he can fine tune it down 0.3 not even 0.5 but 0.3 what I’m saying is that’s baloney.

That’s a 60% difference, yes I can tell a 60% difference : )

no you can’t tell the difference, it’s psychological because you aren’t working off of facts just assumptions based off of a label on a SH container and a tip size.

You can clean any house don’t need to walk away from any. As I walk around taping outlets I carry a spray bottle with bleach to test any painted areas. If anything is affected just wash without bleach maybe do a little scrubbing. Dark vinyl siding can be cleaned it’s just annoying because it’ll show every little water spot or dirt

I think “use less when more is not needed” about sums up what you both said…problem solved! :rofl:

No one can answer that 100%. always better to walk away

This will get you in trouble at some point

As long as you test a spot first…then you just significantly limit your exposure…

We’re all going to get bitten sometime, if we’re actually doing any business at all… keep it to 0.5% of revenue (with a goal of 0%), and you’ll be fine.

I’ve been bitten. That’s how I learned to walk away from things.


Always the key part right there…

We’ve gotten in trouble with it a couple times, messed up a painted deck once while doing a roof cleaning and discolored a garage door once too… crap happens sometimes and we make it right with the customer… if you get to a job and realize its not worth the risk then fine but its not worth interrogating customers on the phone with possible risk factors deciding weather or not your willing to wash their house lol

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It is absolutely worth spending 30 seconds to ask what color a house is and what the siding is made of. I only allow 1 minute for residential phone calls and other than the address, color is the most important part. Names, phone numbers etc are irrelevant

Google maps will tell you all of that, at least in my area. Street view and 3D views are all I need to quote a house.

That’s too much effort to put into getting a house wash for me.

Comes down to business model, area, competition (close rate really)…we spend a fair amount of time (probably too much) on the phone with people. We use only online info, or ask for pics if it’s not there. Everyone has an opinion and a different way that works for them. Some swear by onsite estimates…it’s not wrong, just how they do it.

Nothing wrong with that if you want houses or are trying to build a customer base. I did it for awhile. The last thing I want is more houses, or any houses for that matter. But, I still wouldn’t let anyone your up the phone more than a minute. I’ve hung up on a lot of people that just want to ask questions or want to know an exact time of arrival and what not

I appreciate everyone’s input ! so what it comes down to is risk factor and if your willing to take that risk and if you decide do a test spot and a weak mix