Waste water recovery & recycle options


I am still on the limb about what to use for water reclaim. Part of me wants to go all out and spend $1700 on a Hydrotek Vac.

Part of me wonders if the 6.5 HP Shop Vac with pump built in for $300 would stand up enough to do the job


Should I get a pool cover pump and make some sand snakes for about the same price as the VAC

I want the cost to be reasonable, the equipment to hold up and for it to look professional as well.


I finally figured out that the vac has to have a pump to pump the water out… I actually have this exact vacuum sitting at my office and tested it out today: Shop-Vac 9689400 5.5-Peak HP Ultra Pro Wet or Dry Vacuum with Built-In Pump, 14-Gallon - Amazon.com
It works great, sucks about 6gpm through garden hose and filters out the debris…


It is nice to hear that someone has tried one, I was hesitant to spend the money until I knew if it was suitable for what we needed to do.


That’s a great Shop Vac for sure… I like these designs for the times when just a little bit of water is an issue. You plug them in and forget about them. We run a 100 Ft. Three Conductor Yellow Artic/Tropic Cord, 12/3 Ga extension cord. When we want it off, we discount the cord from our generator via switch.

You can find these cords at Costco. They are the cheapest there by far, plus you get a 2% rebate if you are an executive member. I think there about $34 bucks.

You might also want to check out LOWES. It has just a tad more HP and is a little bit cheaper.

But what I like, it’s at Lowes as a in stock item. If one every malfunctions, I can just head over to lowes and pick up another one. However, thus far, not one has failed. I feel these are a great buy for 110 bucks.

We have 7 of these. They work great.

Shop Shop-Vac 14-Gallon 5.75-Peak-HP Shop Vacuum at Lowes.com


Yeah I always try to use products from home depot or lowes for just that reason, if something breaks, it can be replaced quickly…

Check out this push sweeper: Floor Care Machines & Vacuums | Sweepers | Powr-Flite® Industrial Push Sweeper | 239771 - GlobalIndustrial.com

I think im going to get one for sweeping small garages (that a street sweeper is too big for) prior to pressure washing… It should cut down on the sludge buildup and there will be less cleanup to do once everything is wet and soggy…

This seems easier than using a floor scrubber… I’ll see how it goes and report back…


awesome thread. i was just coming here to post a question on building a diy surface cleaner extraction system. but i think the shopvacs with pumps built in will do what i need.

but has anyone done a diy adapter to hook one of these to a surface cleaner? seems like it would be pretty easy, maybe with pvc. it could be capped off when not in use. does this sound feasible?


Hey Caleb- taking a shop vac and installing a pump in it is one thing(I did this before) but to expect the typical shop vac to also work attached to a surface machine to suck up the wash water is most likely not going to work out to well.

You need enough CFM’s with a vacuum setup in this industry to work well with a surface machine and most likely even a more expensive shop vac will not provide that unless you now customize the vacuum part of it as well.


yeah that makes sense John. thanks for your input.


I have asked Nigel Griffith to be an instructor at the Professional Washing Network in Las Vegas on May 4-5, 2018.

Nigel and Myself will be going over the filtration needs for filtration and what makes a good filter.

As many of you know, I built my filtration in 1992. That is before most " Experts" was in business.

If you want to learn about filtration, I suggest you attend.

Here is my Filtration Unit specs…

Up to 78+ GPM’s
12,000 Watt Kubota 4 cyl Diesel Generator
Frame of trailer is re enforced double frame. Both Box and C channel.
Powder Coated to 12 mil thick. ( 2 coats of primer, 4 coats paint, 2 coats clear)
17.5 inch “H” rated 16 ply tires
(2) 8,000 lbs Rubber Ride ( NO SPRINGS) Oil Bath ( Not greased) Axles.
Over-sized braking capabilities
Self Levering Hydraulic Jacks. Each jack is rated to lift 18,000 lbs. Frame of trailer was re enforced to handle stress.
Bed of trailer was CAD designed to handle 4,000 lbs every 3 feet.
2 inch to 2.5 inch copper piping was used so flow restrictions would be lessened during high flow discharge.




Ya, I misspell words allot, that is true… You may also find that many of the contractors on this BBS have also in need of a good spell checker as well. But whether or not spelling or grammar is the issue, what is most important is not the spelling, but if they can back up their claims of success as they tell it here on these BBS/ Facebook.


Hi Mr. Gamble, you don’t have to prove yourself to anyone on these forums, as long as you’re providing quality work for your clients, you’re providing for your family, giving people good jobs, and you’re right with God, then you’re golden.