Understanding downstream rates




wouldnt it take 10,000 PPM to equal 1% ?


I would suggest for your next build to place chem containers on the back.
That way when you drive it doest spray on your equipment


Well I can’t speak to these injectors as i dont have one but i believe you have transposed the numbers some where. The injector on my home unit is a 20 to 1, I looked online at a couple and they indicated 10 to 1.

I am wondering if this is because of an error and someone typed 20% instead of 20 to 1 which is close to what you are seeing.

It also completely depends on the density and viscosity of the fluid being drawn. Since it is a venturi draw, it would only make the expressed ratio at very specific pressures and velocities. Most ratings are given as specs with water being the fluid drawn with a density of 1.0.


Yes, it is indeed 10k, sorry it was the 90’s when I was in that industry and I forget a lot too lol.


0.0082817439 x 10000 = 82.8174394099 aka 83 ppm


It’s called an x-jet! :grin:


At 8000 ppm I think is above the stain formulas we used because of the fabrics, 250 to 500 is what I recall, I would have to dig in the garage for old note book to be sure.


@LMTD these numbers are makin my head spin now! LMAO!

@Sasquatch NO SIR on the x jet! I feel like a hobo carrying a bucket around the property!!


Hmm, a bit sensitive, aren’t we?

OK, what’s YOUR point? The gain is forging onward with the knowledge you and I hope to glean from the brain trust at this site. I apologize for being insensitive. My point remains that there may be too many factors involved to reach a conclusion based on your query.

I have two XJets, and dn’t really need another, but will gladly buy yours for $100 if you really don’t like it (PM me and I’ll send you the $$).

Youngster, be impeccable with your word. UNFAMILIAR WITH THIS CONCEPT? Read “The Four Agreements” by Miguel Ruiz. It changed MY life.

I doubt if I will ever switch to DS because I can switch from Chem to rinse so quickly. I’m a big strong man who struggles little with a tiny 5-gallon bucket of SH and Elemonator. I don’t mean to brag but for a 60-year-old man I’m a freaking monster.

Hmm, didn’t you , in a previous post declare that you don’t judge or degrade?

NOW, if you’re scared to clean a roof by getting on top of it… well, I get it. AND, just maybe your fear of the application of chems in shorts likely displays your lack of experience and I won’t berate you for that. As for the ladder not tied off, now that’s truly pathetic. Don’t be a weenie: Only experience will make you comfortable on a ladder. The customer of this particular job told me he wouldn’t get on that roof for any price, which elicited this response: “I guess I didn’t charge you enough for this job, then!” I was kidding, of course, and he has since written me this 5 star review:

Review by Desi R. in Virginia Beach, VA
Project: Clean a Roof
Comments: Very professional, on time and great job done. Highly recommend this company. Will refer to everyone I know, thanks Mr. Sparkle.

Look, mine probably IS bigger than yours. but I’m not gonna make fun of you. I want you to succeed. Period (Regardless of size or virility). Instead of insulting the brain trust, take your licks and learn everything you can. I’ve been insulted so many times by the brain trust here (haven’t I @Innocentbystander?) that I was given the title of “THICK SKINNED” because I would seldom rise to the bait.

MUCH MORE IMPORTANT THAN % OF CHEMS IS % OF TIME BUSY. The very best advise I can give you came originally from my very good friend @squidskc, and it’s all about CRM and leads. I WILL TELL YOU THIS: GET THE FREAKING JOB, THEN FILL THE NEED!!!


Peace out!!



Sensitive? no sir! Smarta**? 100% !!

It was just odd that you said my questions were stupid out of the chute.

My point? i want to do EXACTLY what your are saying at the bottom of your post.

Ill keep my x jet, i wanna experiment with the M5 nozzle, i kinda like that part.

Your not old @ 60, and im far from a youngster @ 44.

Im not scared in any way of a roof, i was just saying that its dangerous (according to the all knowing OSHA) As is being over 6’ off the ground without fall protection! I know that real life isnt like that, but neither of us bounce like we did when we were 18! Weenie or not…

My insurance strictly denys liability from falling off a roof without fall pretection,
i assume they will cover me if i fall and hang from a semi bungee cord and slap my face on the bricks.

I definately take my licks, im no stranger to forum flaming. But i enjoy a lil banter.

I know you are a great guy, and are respected here and in this industry, but any time your first response is telling someone their questions are stupid and unnecessary you will probably get a smarta** return fire.

man… cant we all just get along? LMAO!!!


The only time I’m not using the XJet I’m slinging my Hammerhead. In high wind situations at 3 stories I use a Shooter Tip. Period. That doesn’t make me right, just busy. If I can ever advise, call me. I stand by my offer to buy your XJet: I switch from chems to rinse instantly, and if I’m not happy with my chem ratio I can either choke the volume with my ball valve to increase ratio, or change out the perportioner. I change from stream to fan on the fly, and frequently kick my heels in an exuberant leap with a full pail of SH in my right hand (not really).


i was soooooo hoping for video proof…

and definately thanks for the advice and the offer for more!


I found this on a cat pump spec sheet


@ShinedUP when your through put is 15 gallons per gallon of SH 12.5 % you have hit your 1Percent goal which is a 14 gallons water to 1 gallon SH @12.5

Puts your total weight at 126 lbs with 1.2575 pounds SH with no surfactant but that should be pretty minor with a good product.

A 20 to 1 is going to give you .7 percent SH at 12.5

That gives es you three different ratios to percent to work with sir.

Good luck

PS did the math 4 times so it should be good to go this time lol.


and i thought i was a math guy… your staying way ahead of me!!! and thank you for the efforts, now its all here in black & white!


This is pretty weird



What’s weird?


Tell me more :thinking::upside_down_face:


There will be no redepositing of soils on this forum. This is a family forum.


When you use the weights instead of volumetric you see that a gallon of 12.5 is actually 4.1 instead of the 3.1 you developed from the volumes. While that error is minor, when you try and expand it out to the 20 gallon range the 30% more makes a pretty big difference.

I am actually considering building a trailer and jumping in next season, my son likes watching the videos and at 30 years old he could learn what it is like to have your own thing instead of 5 levels of supervisors interested in self preservation.