Understanding downstream rates


I also use Elemonator so at around $21 per gallon that’s not cheap


I use 1 gallon per 200 gallons of mix. Never needed any more it wouldn’t help anything by adding more . Endless foam is your goal . Foam requires 1 percent foam agent “ or a good foaming surfactant “


I have gotten to the point that I use 1% sh with Elemonator on everything…just seems to work a lot better on the houses that I clean.

And, I put 1 teaspoon of Elemonator per gallon of hw mix.


I foam the house
Ok thanks to @Racer… i use arms and hammer laundry with oxyclean.
Not as primary but to mask the smell of SH.
Try it… place SH in a cup ad a spoon full of arms and hammer and smell it.
Then use whatever you want as surfactant.


Do do have a foamer or just use a DS or soap tip?
Cause i use a foamer.
My time lapse video was shot using a 4gpm machine.
The second video was using my 8gpm machine.
2 different foamers


Are you sure about that draw rate? I use a 2.1 injector with a 3.8 gpm PWer and get an 8 to 1 rate.


@racer this is with 100’ of hose, with 50’ is just under 10 to 1. But I can’t reach anything lol!!


@Sasquatch yes sir I’m 100% sure. Maybe I should try a better injector? No foamed just a 0 degree soap tip. I do have a foamer but I had to drill out the orfice to keep the unloaded from bypass.


I always test mine with 200’ since that’s what I’ve usually got on the reel. 50’ shouldn’t make squat for difference in your draw rate


Hmmmm. Maybe I do need to investigate and get a different injector. Btw it is new. Well a month old anyway.


How are you testing? Do you have you’re injector mounted on the pump or at your reel?


Soap tip on, pulling out of a marked bucket into a marked 30 gal drum. 60 seconds on the trigger.


How much water is your machine actually pulling in 60 sec? With 100’ of hose. Need to know pretty close, within 10oz. Not sure 30 gal container accurate enough.


My mistake. 60 seconds on the trigger is 5.0 gallons. I takes 18 gallons output to draw 1 gallon into the injector


The injector is @ the unloader


you sure it’s exactly 5 gal. Most are a little over or under. Do you have a reel?


Yes sir and yes sir


Move your injector to your reel. That will help you some.

How many oz of whatever are you pulling in 1 min?


I haven’t measured draw in 1 min, it I will tomorrow. I’ve heard both ways on the injector, I have 12’ of lead hose, not sure if that matters. Also I would have to have 12-13’ of draw hose if I move it to the reel. I only have 7’ now. Not sure if that matters.


I’ve used 20ft of 1/4 hose it pulled the same as it did with 10ft