Truck squatting

Yes. 110 is the max you can carry legally without placards.

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Wait i think i miss spoke. I believe they said i didn’t need a bill of lading if it was mixed in a different container.

It doesn’t matter as long as total isn’t over 113 I think lts actually 119. Falls under same federal law as diesel fuel. But also cant exceed truck limits

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It’s 1100 pounds. Different chemicals weigh different amounts. It’s roughly 110 gallons of 12.5 SH


I just put these on one of our trucks last Friday. Pretty well thought out kit. Had to drill out some of the mounting holes in the brackets to get them to fit, but worked out pretty well otherwise.

I’ve got the FireStone airbag kit on my Tacoma. So far it’s working out well.

I really have nothing to compare them to, other than seeing how the truck sits without any air in them (sags horrible :joy:)

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Air bags

Or helper springs depending on what you’re towing anti sway bars

Also Weight distribution bars

Hellwig helper springs have always been my go to. They’re easy to install and easy to adjust. Get a deep socket that fits on the adjustment nut and you’re golden.

Lol, That’s right!

Here is the kit I’m looking at for my 09 F150
Firestone 2525 Ride-Rite Air Spring for Ford F-150


Seem easy! But im about to have new tires put on the truck so i figured id just pay some one to do it and let them order it. Now im just trying to talk myself out of buying mud tires :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Mud tires are awesome of you need to write off expenses for your taxes

im still talking myself into them but i really dont need them. Rick has some nice BFGs and hes my mentor. I get stuck in wet grass sometimes rick posted a pic on here where i got stuck in his by accident :sweat_smile:

Bfg all terrain are not mud tires last a long time. Do not buy the bfg mud terrain unless you really want to listen to the hummmm all day

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Ya my buddy has some big mud tires and they are annoying not to mention his truck is squatted in the back on purpose 🤦 he more of a work friend than a buddy.

@Grizz Dang thats alot of SH…lol…I need to do more residential…on a side note i just realized that i can get 5 gallons of 10% pool SH for $15 less than my local chem store sells 5 gallons of 12% SH…and its 5 miles closer…winning…I just feel like such a rookie with all those jugs though lol… guess I’ll just pick up 55 of them and fill up my old 55-gallon drum​:rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Buy it in bulk 55 are the way to go

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I get a drum for $133 after taxes and dont even want the drum back so i could sell it if i wanted too. Im hoarding them right now though. So $2.42 a gallon.