Thoughts on the Injector Bypass?


Unless you got Russ to make it up like this, may not have all the parts. When I ordered mine I sent pic with specs, ie all stainless where possible


Does that go right to your hose reel or a block?


Plugs into the female that’s on my reel swivel - Go to the 11:30 mark on video


Ok … thanks by the way nice trailer …thing looks sweet …


Hi there Racer…first off thanks for all the great advice you have posted within this community. As someone starting out in the business it has helped so much. I have a 8gpm unit. I see you’re using a 3.5gpm injector…you find it pulls chemical better that way? Thanks in advance.


yes the 2.1 for 3-5 gpm machines


My question is when you have the bypass kit install do you still have to switch the chemical injector hose from wash to rinse when the valve is open won’t it still pull chemical with water if you leave the hose in the chemical tank all the time?


Not that I’ve ever noticed


Thanks just trying to figure out how it works…


No. The water will take the path of least resistance. So even though the water COULD go through the injector, it will go through the much larger orifice, which is through the valve and its associated fittings, putting the injector “out of play” until you close the valve, FORCING the water to go through the injector.


Ok that’s what I needed to know.thank you


Well, some water will still pass through. It’s the pressure differential that creates suction through the venturii vacuum, though. The bypass eleminates the differential, so no suction is created to pull the solution




So are you telling me when the ball valve is open and your chemical hose is still in chemical tank the water will go through the larger opening the bypass and no chemical will be pulled at all cuz there isn’t enough vacuum…Will this be true if I’m using the black soap tip to rinse also? I just want to make sure if I do it like that when I am in rinse I am truly in rinse and not spotting up Windows or killing bushes or anything like that. Thanks for the help.


Yes, the injector physically can’t produce a vacuum when (the majority of) the flow is being bypassed.

If you’re really nervous about it, you can use a 3 way poly valve to switch your injector over to pull clear water from your buffer tank.

But I don’t personally use that until the final rinse on a job, to extend the life of the injector. For the rest of the job, I just open and close the injector bypass for rinsing/soaping.


Ok great thanks for replying and the advice…I think I’ll go order one.