Techniques for faster surface cleaning


That was going to be my offering…

Btw, when you say “striping”, are you talking about rings or long and straight?


Striping describes the condition where the concrete is so porous and dry that it sucks back up what the SC slings on the next pass. Ribbing (rings) describes the situation where you’re just moving too fast and you leave those tell-tale fine lines to indicate that you need to slow the heck down.


Male end leads feom the pump. It is impossible to blow an oring from a ball valve if you are flowing thru the male end


All my hoses have male,ends. All attachments have female qc’s.


Male end on hose, or female end on hose… one of those things like ketchup on a hot dog, or mustard on a hot dog. Everybody has the way they prefer, and either one works. Pros and cons to either method… try it both ways to see which you like.

I suppose technically you could make a case for male end on hose being the ‘best’ way… but again, either way works.

One slightly convincing argument i recently heard for male end on the hose, was that when rinsing with a ball valve, the water pattern and force is better coming out of the male end, rather than the female. Makes sense. I might try that some day to see how big of a difference it is.

Which leads into this comment:

Yes. One veteran said this is the way he rinses… not sure how it compares to just having the plug on the hose end.


I honestly never even thought about male end on hose… machine came set up with female QC outlet from pump and just hooked it all up.

I can certainly see where male would be better, ball valve and in general.


Wouldn’t be much pressure there…doubt it would work very well.

I use my j-rod…works great for me.


@JimLuke I love your input, but I have to disagree, male end on my ball valve is a rinsing machine.
Plenty of pressure. Just depends on how far you open the valve. I also use a J-rod. I started doing this out of laziness. I didn’t feel like going ALL that way to grab my gun (20 feet, at most) Disconnected from my SC and went to town, it worked well, but not as good as my J-rod.
Just my 2 cents.


Really, all that time at sea??? LOL


The post referenced “hose”…I thought that is what they were talking about.

I, agree, that it should work well on the ball valve as you can adjust pressure.

But, I much prefer the j-rod for rinsing…EASY and works great. I did 4500ft of concrete today and the j-rod just rinsed the crap away easily. Weather permitting, I have another 6800ft to do on Thursday…guess what…j-rod will be used again.


Using a ball valve in any position other than fully opened or fully closed would be quick way to be fired by me. Use equipment as it was designed to be used.


@Racer, why woulkd I want soap on post-treatment?


I’ll change it out today when I have time. Thank you!


Male ends are cheaper to replace when your employees keep dropping the end of the hose or dragging it when winding up the hose
Male ends are easier to clean when dropped in the mud.
Male ends spray better
Male ends don’t blow orings
Male ends don’t get stuck closed


:joy: I was never really at sea thank my lucky stars.


Yeah but it’s funnier if I tell it that way. I did a WESTPAC and several shorter more local periods during Amphibious Ops training. Always reminded me why I did not go in the Navy…lol

Of course after a few weeks slogging around in the jungle during monsoon season I have to say I didn’t hate getting back the ship.


Being on ship was great, except the 4 on 4 off watches… But in my second cruise I wized up. I told the chief off, that got me 4 weeks KP duty in the officers mess. It stunk having to have steak and lobster with those guys verses the regular mess… I hated it so much I volunteered to stay on KP. for the remainder of the cruise, which also meant no watches since you had to be available for the officers… On my next duty command I tried the same thing but unfortunately it backfired and I got assigned to the enlisted mens laundry… That was bad and it did not get you out of watches…


J-rod is my favorite also. I’ve only done the ball valve trick a couple of times (out of laziness)
But it definitely works in a pinch.
Good luck on your 6800 ft’er tomorrow.


I was “haze grey and under way” as both an officer and enlisted Marine. I promise it was better being an officer…lol The best was when I was CO of troops as a Capt. All the staff officers that were Majors from the Regt were trying to come up with reasons they should be CO of troops. The order says whoever is responsible for the majority of the troops on board is the CO of troops. I was CO of Lima 3/10, all the Marines onboard were my Marines. I had the suite and the Majors had two man rooms. I ate with the ships Capt. I laughed my a$$ off the entire time we were at sea. I can tell you it beat being a Cpl on the weather deck of an LST… It was a good time to be a young man.