Stubborn black mold help

Good job. Next time though show us the all the pics. Would have saved you a bunch of time. The first batch you posted looked like it was 99% low stuff. The 2nd group you just posted showed how nasty it really was.

Thanks. I worked on the low stuff first to test out my mix and equipment. It’s how I determined to use straight SH on some of the high up stuff. Mainly though I learned for the concrete lips you need around 8% to get them. The limestone cleans fine with one or maybe two applications of 4.5%. Those concrete lips though, man they’re stubborn.

I have a 12 building apartment bid. 3 three story buildings, 2 four stories, and 7 two story buildings. Total SF of wall area is about 208,000sf. The roof peaks techically make them a story higher in some places. Thinking of investing in a gas powered 11GPM soft wash system if we win the bid. Ive seen videos of it hitting 4 storys and higher even. Plus these buildings look clean already. I’d be doing a light house mix at most.

That last photo is the dirtiest spot I could find. They just want a top to bottom wash. Being able to shoot from the ground and not manage a boom lift would be immensly helpful. Some sides of the buildings are only reachable from across the fence on the street (sidewalk) if a boom lift was used. Just pulling some long hose arounf would make life so much easier.

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attaboy! get that cleaned up and earn a good living.

You’re going to need a lift. How does hitting 4 stories do you any good when you have 7 story buildings. You’re 8 gpm with shooter tip going to shoot further than any low pressure high volume system.

You misread it. There are 7 TWO story buildings. Highest buildings are 4 stories. Still, maybe easier to downstream bleach with a shooter tip but low pressure would be good for getting dirt and pollen off some of the vinyl siding without damaging it.

Happy Easter btw!

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i think you will have trouble hitting those peaks, especially with wind. Maybe get a long lance and/or a tall Aframe ladder. Im not ashamed to use either to get it done.

You’re right I did. I still stand by what I said though. You’re still going to have trouble hitting some of those peaks and back under the sides of those gables. and your 8 will still shoot further.
However if you’re interested in an AR45 batch mix system, have one with less than 50 hours that I’m almost giving away.

Giving away? What’s the catch with these systems?!