Speed and surface cleaner nozzles


I’m using 25035’s at the moment, but I’ve actually been thinking about trying some 2504’s though just to see what results I will get.


Xjet might be the way to go, or maybe the sprayer @florida_condo_cleani posted. Either of those would beat the pump up sprayer I’m using right now for post-treat. That takes WAY to long!


Roof pump is the way to go for pretreatment. Is will save a lot of time with the surface cleaner. If you don’t have one or an x-jet ds straight SH. I found it worked ok for pretreatment. Don’t waste your time with your house mix it’s usually not going to be strong enough.


I use 40055 on mine


I dont post with my roof pump because there is several gallons just in the hose itself. I find it much easier and efficient to use my xjet to post IF needed. I usually pre with my HW as Im doing the house. I dont care if it dies before I get to it. It almost always has.


Aren’t you running an 8gpm though?


yes I am, why?


Because of your nozzle size you referenced. I was just clarifying that you were running an 8 because I’m running a 5.5. Just making sure because of the difference in nozzle size. Looks like we should be around the same pressure with the different machines.


I don’t need too much pressure on the SC,
I like to keep it low, no need to edge the concrete.
As long as you clean it, it will look good


I pulled up to a driveway today that looked similar to the one in your pic. So I decided to check the time for once. For the record 8.5@3500 machine but running about 3000psi 19classic 4 bar with 2502.5 nozzles 250ft hose gp high draw injector pulling straight SH with surfactant. Pulled up at 1:50 started working at 1:57 finished driveway at 2:16 wrapped

up at 2:28 after finishing the sidewalks curbing and post treatment. Hope that helps


20 min? Really?

Is that as bad as they get in FL?


No they do get worse but this would definitely be a little above average. I only have to post treat maybe 1 out of 20 though. Also most driveways are less than half this size


No way I could do all that in 30 minutes. Granted, I’m running a 5.5 and not an 8 but still.


8.5 gpm and a 4 tip classic I think is the fastest way to clean you can absolutely fly. I’ve got two 24” and two 28” big guys half of them have been loaned out to other Pressure washers for probably going on a year and I don’t care . I have no plans on using them. You have to keep in mind were I work that was a $125 driveway . Others may get 2 or 3 times that were they work so there’s no real hurry


Yea, that’s not a $125 driveway for me. Unfortunately I’m not booked solid like some of these guys on here though (this is my first season) so I do take my time. And I always try to do a little something extra for the customer which adds time. So speed isn’t an issue at the moment for me. But I would love to be able to knock that out in an hour! That would be awesome!


You’ll get there man it just takes time. Just don’t get frustrated when things are slow. Always have a stack of door hanger or signs and just keep putting them out every day until you have work then keep putting them out until you have more work than you can handle. There cheep and kinda cheesy to some but they will produce it’s just a numbers game .


Man I appreciate that. And yea, I’ll get there. I know it will just take time. Hard to not get frustrated, but I’m trying my best. But I can’t complain. I started out a little late and got busy there pretty quick, but this last month its been slow. But thanks for the encouraging words!