Remote downstream controller (The Schertz Box)


No worries! I’m not going to push it on anyone! Folks will buy them and if they are worth the investment we will know. I would have a hard time spending $500 on something I knew I could build a cheap amazon kit from. I am the predator builder after all. But when it comes to efficiency and less walking I will shell out the dollars.


I like the rinse option.
I clean all my equip between and after every job.
I am waiting on mine.
With 2 selenoids.
One for straight and one for mix


I’ll have a video up by the weekend showing it in action and showing proper operation and cleaning.

One question I have for the masses is how many feet of hose should I include with it? Obviously you want the box somewhat close to the ds injector. But the water supply inlet and soap supply inlet are variable. It would be easy to splice in more but I’d rather everyone have no splices from the box to the tanks.


One for straight SH and one for mixed SH?


Thats how i have mine set up…


My old set up.
But basically one is straight SH and another is house mix.
Will take picture tomorrow


I can do that. Your remote you would push a for on and a again for off on soap one. If you wanted to turn another valve on you would push b to turn that valve on and b again to turn that one off.

So yours will have 2 3 way valves.

Let me get mine built and see if it will be worth selling. More updates by the weekend.


You are wanting this box for downstreaming right?


I think I probably have about 8’ for my water line. 4’ for my chem and another 4’ or so to the injector. I would think that would be something easily picked up. I didn’t get any with this. I can’t wait for the video. Maybe enough people will chime in about the distance for ya.


I could just mount 3 bungs into the box and let everyone select the diameter of the hose so I can include the fitting barb. Then folks provide their own hose. We will see.


Scratch the hose length question. I ordered bulkhead fittings that will go through the bottom allowing you to stab any length or diameter hose you wish into it.


His controller on his now are the exact same one you have in your pic. That’s a real old pic you’ve got of his


Yes please


Does his new system have an antenna mounted on the box? If so it’s the same remote. If not it’s still a lesser grade. I saw other remote controllers that had the same remote but different brain.


Has remote antenna. I’ll take pic of mine for you today.


Connect the antenna to the frame, i think that will boost the signal


Does it have an antenna sticking out of the box like this one?


Ya racers has that anntana on top of his rig. Im not sure if its possible but id be sold if you had lights on the remote too so if you think you accidentally clicked the button you will know if you soaps on or off without looking around the house at your trailer to know.


In order to have a 2 way remote we would be into some BIG money.


I could install a intermittent “chirp” or horn box that briefly turns on when you turn the soap on lol

But you should be able to feel a really brief surge in the gun when you click a button. It will have a half a second change time and my hope is that 1/2 second causes a small surge on the gun. But in order to feel that you will need to be on the trigger when you click it.