Ramblings from my dad


:sweat:. You’re a funny man. No disrepect intended ( don’t pull a good fellas on me) and your wife has a sense of humor too. That’s good. That’s they’re job ( besides putting g up with us)…keep us hard guys just soft enough to still enjoy the lighter end of things.


And for the record if you remind me of my step father that’s a compliment.


Sometimes you don’t always think about what you say, and there are times you don’t always say what you are thinking. And then there are those times that you didn’t think or say what you thought you thought or said, simply because you couldn’t remember if you had already said that which you had forgotten. Late in life you realize that the barker you ordered for your dog when he lost is barking ability didn’t arrive, and you finally figured out why Santa didn’t leave that Tonka dump truck under the christmas tree located on top of the singer sewing machine, the one with the peddle your mom pressed with her automatic foot, which was right before she pulled your arm out of the ringer of the washine machine that sat on the cement side porch along with the wash tub and scrubbing board. Yes, that was the same wash tub that held your bath water that was heated by the sun all day so you wouldn’t freeze to death as you washed that night. Who would have ever dreamed back then that one day the sun would be housed in a metal container called a hot water heater? Just being alive enables you to eat a three dipped cone of vanile ice cream from Mr. Sandy Godwins country store right across the road from the cotton gin that probably ginned the cotton from which that shirt you are wearing was made.


There have been times in my life that I washed clothes in five gallon bucket of water filled with water from the churches water spigot, flushed the toilet with the water left over and have soaped up my body so I could jump in to the river and rinse off.(40 degree weather) not fun and not by choice. My parent’s made alot of bad decisions lol. I didnt mind this much as a kid and it makes you greatful for the small things everyone takes for granted. I think the simpler times in your storey were the better times. When everyone wasnt so full of themselves and worried about real problems instead of what the latest trend or fad is.


Hard times make you tough. These ramblings are my dad’s though from an autobiography he is writing