Questions for accountant

Hey all,
Just wanted a little guidance as I’ve never had my own business and am unsure of a lot of things on the financial side of the business when doing my research.
I’m speaking with a CPA today, and just would like to have a list of questions to ask him. What are some things you guys would ask?
Thanks in advance!

@Infinity might be able to help.


This might get you started in the right direction:

I would look for a cpa that has good reviews from other businesses in your area.

As far as specifics to ask, I would google that. Reddit probably has some great small business accounting topics.

It probably won’t make sense to go through all the expense and rigamarole to fully incorporate off the bat. An LLC can be filed pretty cheaply, and as I understand it, you can elect to be taxed as an s-corp down the line when your income calls for it. That would be one question for the accountant.

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Shoot I totally forgot to go back over that thread, sorry about that!
Thanks for the insight! I’m getting lucky and a guy I work with is a CPA by profession on the side so I’ll start with him and then if I have to truly shop around for a different one I’ll keep that in mind!
Thanks again!

Sounds legit…

Lol, :joy: just messin’

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It’s weird too, I seen him on the corner the other day and he came up to my car window asking me for a dollar too? Hmmm, sounds like the prime candidate to me!


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I’m in the same boat with the new business. I set up a llc with recommendations from my lawyer and cpa. I asked my accountant about bookkeeping and sales tax services. He deals with bigger companies so he recommended I look into go daddy for bookkeeping. For 119 for the year I signed up and it was simple to link accounts and filter expenses. Also has invoicing. Curious if other guys use this instead of going to cpa. For bookkeeping. When it’s time for tax I print my reports and hand them to him.