Pricing an apartment complex first time

Bingo. We’ve just got one apartment complex we do one building, once per month from gutters to concrete for $$1667.00. ONE building. 8 units. One day. Perpetual maintenance.

@Elforbo1987 I bid apartments based on average rent for that complex x a multiple based on how many units in each building. Which is probably way different than others here, but its working and making what I would consider “great money”.

I’ll never again do an entire complex in one shot. Painful. Email me at and I’ll send you a break down of how I price it and how I sell it if you want.

Just know that apartments aren’t my main thing. Stucco and dryvit are. So use it if it’s helpful in combination with info you get from others to help maximize your income.


There is no way I could get 600 to wash a 3000 sq foot house… people around the area charge 169 for a 2 story under 3000, I am just a one man show right now the company that charges 169 has crews washing

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How much would you estimate a Pressure Washing job for 36 small Apt Breezeways upstairs and down.

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Two different videos here because the audio quality is not that great and you might have to piece it together. It’s been on my mind to remake this into a more clear and concise video, but these get the point across.

And this one has more to do with working with the property managers:


First, What is the us size each building? The height is also important. I’ve seen 2-story buildings that are nearly 30 ft. high. Are you going to use ladder or man lifts to reach high ares? Are there breezeways, that also adds time & labor vs a house. I think your bid will break your bank! I would pull your bid immediately. Figure how much time to do each building. I bet you would be amazed at how little you will be making per hour, sounds like to me it would be at least 1/2 of minimum wage.

@JayBM You replied to a post 2 years old. He either made it or didn’t :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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@TexasPressureWashing I think @JayBM thought with the equipment that Elforbo had, that Elforbo might still be working on that same job. :joy:


Think you could help me out with the same issue? @squidskc