Pressure washing business (London, UK)


When showing pictures I find that if I show it to them on a Facebook post it carries far more weight than if it is just a picture in my phone. Same picture but I have done it both ways lots of times to see if it matters. It shouldn’t but it does.
Facebook business page is another thing you should set up if you haven’t done it already. I have a personal page and a business page. There are no posts or information on my personal page but you have to have one to get a business page. I also have a website but FB is so much easier to post pictures etc. Point being it’s your easiest access to social media and you need to start developing a footprint.


In our business, and anyone can correct me if I’m wrong, a cold call is typically showing up, not actually a call.

Unless we’re sending business cards with handwritten quotes over the phone now… :wink:

All joking aside, you gotta see the place to be able to quote it off the cuff like that anyway.


I had a Facebook page, too…but I have not noticed a difference with folks around here.

It is just easier for me to show what is on the tablet…they recognize the churches and some of the other places that I have done.

Matter of fact, I had so much trouble with Facebook that I deactivated it, anyway. It was constantly hacked…not worth my time to try to keep it straightened out.


That sucks. Knock on wood, I 've not had that happen and some of my better posts get viewed by 600 to 1000+ people. The ones that are not shared much still get viewed by 150+ people so it’s worked for me thus far. It’s primarily a proof source for me since a lot of people find me on Google and then off my website.