Plumbing softwash

I have never posted a libel statement about you, unlike the one you just did.
Make a donation to my son’s foundation for the royalty and you’ll never hear from me again. Thanks in advance

Man, listen at y’all… among the most generous & helpful folks the community has ever seen. I firmly believe it’s possible to prove any point or achieve any goal with nothing but positive energy & words. Life is too short for negativity & it’s not too late for you gentlemen to start from scratch & empower each other. It may may not be an option next week. Forgiveness is healthy for the mind, body & quality of life. It puts a smile on your face, plummets your stress level & frees up mental resources to apply to the good stuff that actually matters.


I get the frustrations from all involved, but this is really the first thing in this thread worthy of a response… Good people have bad moments, and it looks like that may be the case from all involved at one time or another…

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So did the pump between the buffer tank and pressure washer not work great? I understand it may not be the best option but I had considered that it could be a temporary option for 2024.

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No it worked great. Problem is I couldn’t find a 110v outlet most of the time.

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We always disagree. One of us uses logics and facts.

I donated and I hope that whoever you select it helps them. I think the scholarship is a good idea and helping further anyone’s education is a good cause.

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I agree with you. I have forgiven. To return and provide input and be attacked time and time again. It’s the double standard and bullying I don’t care for.

I don’t personally have any problem with him or anyone. I do find some people’s character to be lacking but I’m not here to judge anyone.

It’s a forum for pressure washing. I found it very helpful. I don’t mind popping in to occasionally help if I can. But won’t tolerate being accosted when others aren’t for no reason.

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Thank you kindly


Been a while… Good to see nothing has changed :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

You’re welcome and I truly support the scholarship and the goal.