Please double check my math!

No. A bucket test is done using the high pressure tip you set the unloader with. You have to measure pressure and gpm at the same time

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Can’t wait to see the results. I’ll be ordering one as soon as the figures are in and proven :slight_smile:

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@Infinity @Innocentbystander

Thank you for helping me out with that. I thought there might be something I was missing. I read almost all the threads when I searched up bucket test but was still a little unclear about that. Looks like I have to go do another test when I get back to the shop. It will probably be around Thursday before I can.

Either way I bought the pump expecting to get 5 gallons per minute at about 2800 psi so I was going to be happy with that. But if it does give me the 6 gallons while using low pressure tips I’m definitely pleased with that as well. The pressure I’m not too worried about since I only do residential.

On a sidenote I did test it with a 00 soap and then a 00 rinse tip and it shoots about 40 feet horizontally. So a little less vertically I assume. It was windy when I did the test so not a good day to measure how high it shoots.

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Your good… when your softwashing a house with a soap tip you will get 6gpm. That’s pretty much all that matters

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OK so I went in today and did an updated test. At the end of the gun after 200 feet of hose it puts out exactly 2500 psi. This was using a 0060 tip. While filling up at 5 gallon Jerry can with the same tip it started flowing out the top right around 50 seconds. Which by the way is very hard test to do as mentioned with that test. You definitely get a lot of splashing around. But none of it was coming up the cap when testing. Although there was a lot of air bubbles from the tip turning up the water. But when using the soft washing tips it definitely gets a solid 6 gallons per minute. And this is what I will actually be using so to me that’s good enough. So unfortunately if you’re needing the unit for flat work in 3000 PSI this would not be the one. But it would be a good house washing unit.


If you want to test and see if you’re getting full pressure on a 5@3000 machine, you would need to use a 5.5 orifice tip. That will produce 3000psi at roughly 4.75 gpm.

But the 6.0 tips should be an adequate load on the engine to see what your max gpm is at operating pressure.

Nice to hear you’re getting 6 gpm with softwash tips, though. Very nice :+1:t2:

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Well I kinda jumped the gun and went about ordering one - but then I got the shipping cost. More than the pump and gearbox itself!


Hi Jon,

Can you provide a shipping cost on this please?

Also, that it comes with the gearbox and it will fit onto a GX390 :slight_smile:


Sorry for the delay Steve I have been out of the office Please see below.

$800 with 12 days transit or $900 with 8 days transit. That is for just the shipping and your cost on the pump unit is $716.00 on top.

(To be fair - this is UPS, not Dultmeier)

Ouch that is quite the shipping cost! It seems pretty standard from what I’ve heard when shipping so far. Are there any local shops that sell you Udor pumps?

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Hey :slightly_smiling_face:

I had a local quote, but they wanted $2400 and they are only 30mins down the road.

The US one is still cheaper, but I can’t bring myself to pay $1000 almost for shipping!

I remember when $1000 could ship a car from there to here ha ha.

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Return flight Sydney to Miami is $1700.00
I’m tempted to go for a holiday and try organizing a cheaper connection while there.
The shipping costs quoted are ridiculous, does the pump get it’s own seat on the plane lol


How much h is shipping and how much is customs fees. Or is that additional!? :drooling_face:

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That is not a bucket test. Use the pressure tip that you set your unloader with

That is the tip that I set my unloader with. I choose based off the specs that the pump was advertised with. It is a 5gpm pump so I assumed it can only put out 2800 psi on a gx390. According to a nozzle chart a 6.0 was the right tip at 3000psi. Since 6.5 would be too little at 2500 and 5.5 would be 3500 so too big. What size tip is the right one for the test?

I think William was thrown by your “0060” label. That usually refers to a low pressure 0° tip, size 60 orifice.

Yes, an 0060 is not a #6 nozzle

Sounds like the Udor 5/3000 has very similar specs to the General 5.6/2500. I’ve been able to get 6.6gpm with both m5ds tip and white tip. I haven’t tested the psi with a gauge but I suspect it’s around 2300. A very dirty driveway I’ll have some trouble with even with pretreatment.

I’ve been getting a lot of residential driveway work too…if the driveway is not that dirty I can fly. I’m thinking of building a 12v cart for post treating to help with this. I currently use 25035 tips in my 16 inch SC. What tips could get me some more psi and less flow? 25030?

Yes. Use a nozzle chart and multiply the SC orifice size by 2 to determine pressure and flow.

Were you able to get your order placed?