Overpants suggestions?


Just finished house #1, went from 35° to 38° in the hour and a quarter I was here. The fleece in the wranglers was superrr nice to have.


Found some Frogg Toggs at Academy, all they had was black, but they worked quite well. I cleaned two vinyl fences with them and no water seepage. I can see them being a bit hot in the summer sun though.


@squidskc this is what has come of my Wranglers. Washed after every job too.


Stop showering in your house wash. Jk that is bad… try gray next time. I’m not having any problems with those


I wore these(blue) for a year. Solid pants. My only complaints is they were kinda baggy. I switched back to dickies straight fit with cargo(for jrods & microfiber)


We wear the Dickies and they hold up great. We wear black and have no issues with bleach staining. Probably going to switch to tan though because black gets dirty fast.


Are the pockets up high like the wranglers or like traditional cargo with pockets down by the knees?


@Steve, what dickies? I use the Walmart Swiss tech but they are going away. They were clearanced out.


By the knees


Damn… I might’ve tried em. I hate stuff banging on my knees in those kind of pants. When we switched to the pants with the pocket up on the front/side of the hip in the Navy it was like winning the lottery.

When I read “by the knees” my body reacted the same as if I’d heard nails on a chalk board



I wear those in the blue. I’ve gotten straight SH on them and no problems. The tan would get light spots on them.


I’d prefer them higher up as well let me know when you find some


I picked up a couple pair of those wranglers (no fleece in the ones I got: NW780CG). They fit nice and are light and stretchy.Good for climbing up, down and around. They are 95% nylon 5% spandex. Haven’t gotten any mix on them yet but hopefully the tan and the light gray colors hold up.