Orange appearance of Lueders Limestone


I don’t, read the answer again


I am going to call Prosoco. They offer a ton of products. Seems like this is an area I need to improve on.
Racer are you suggesting sodium hydroxide to clean? And then an acid, like citric or vinegar or oxalic to neutralize?
I don’t have hot water but could rent it if necessary.


Yes, pre-wet, SHydrox or SHypo, rinse, Ox or Citric, rinse, walk away with money.


Fine, now I can’t read on top of everything else… I should probably not look at this stuff at 11:30 at night too.


That’s main ingredient of their limestone cleaner. But since the one you were working on wasn’t that bad, I would have used mainly bleach with maybe a little hydroxide as a kicker.

One Restore makes a product too that may be a little more user friendly. Some of the Prosoco stuff is pretty strong and oriented towards really bad historic buildings.