New to this, advice/help needed


By the way, if he is in Wyoming, LLC with S Corp. status very likely offers more protection. But a local attorney who specializes in that sort of thing is probably worth the money.


Where did he say anything about being better than anybody just because he’s a veteran? If it’s because he has “A veteran own business” on his website that’s called marketing and it works. He definitely knows what he’s doing in marketing. He goes above and beyond to help everyone on here and will do the same for you. Most people on here would love to be able to run there business exactly the way he does.

He wasn’t trying to put you down. He was giving you solid advice to try and keep you from throwing money away and going to bed with a headache each night due to equipment not working properly. He just a straight shooter and will tell you like it is. It’s nothing personal. I’d much rather deal with a straight shooter than someone who stands back and laughs after my idea fails.

Don’t buy a waterless tank heater. Google “pressure washer hot box”.


I’ve not been on here for long but from all my research I would be listening to squid. It’s just common sense.




Nah, no need for an attorney when forming an entity; LLC/c corporation can take full advantage of s corporation status.

Again, as I said in my original post, it’s simply an exploration, so far all of the responses have been negative from almost all who have inserted their opinion.


The negative responses are not meant as an attack on you at all. It’s just looking out for you and meant to save you from losing money and possibly customers. If you’re running a business and, are spending more time having to work on your equipment than washing, it’s going to be hard to make money. If you have to keep rescheduling jobs eventually the customer will find someone else to do the work.

Many don’t even have hot water because it isn’t needed most of the time. You’d be better served holding off on a hot water unit, use your cold water machine to continue making money, and purchase equipment that you know will be dependable. It doesn’t have to be a $8k machine. Instead of spending $800 (?) on an on-demand water heater meant for a house do a few more jobs and spend the extra $700 on a hot box meant for pressure washing. You and your business will be better served using equipment that you know will work instead of trying to reinvent the wheel. If on demand systems worked well for pressure washing they would already be marketing them as such. I don’t think an on-demand gets anywhere near as hot as a hot box so you might have trouble reaching temperatures you might want to remove gum, oil, paint, etc. It’s likely to be over 100 degree difference. Just something to think about or at least check into.

Seriously, nobody is attacking you or trying to be negative. It’s just honest advice. Take it for what it’s worth. If you do try it I hope it all works out for you.



Uh, yeah, ok, you have a fan club I get that…


It’s not about a fan club. I’d tell him to shove it as fast as I’d tell you. It’s about having an idiotic idea that’s going to creating “hot water” colder than what I piss.

At least you’ll be able to install it in your house after you realize it doesn’t work very well.

Wait. Would you rather us say. Sure, go spend that $800 on an on demand water heater. It’s genius! I can’t believe no one has ever considered it and have no idea why they even started making hot boxes.


Lol. Why are there so many people who come in here knowing jack squat about pressure washing and then get defensive when experts in the field tell them they’re wrong? Go ahead with your bad self and your “head-scratching brilliant idea that no one has ever thought of!” and destroy your pump. Stop assuming everyone else is a moron for not having thought of it.




You must of had a swell time in the army when you showed up as a private to your first post and said hey guys we’re switching from M4s to compound hunting bows. Oh and you, I have no idea what your skill level or training is, but here’s a Javelin.


Or you were a louie, in which case mystery solved.


Before you get upset and feel like your manhood is being questioned again, it’s not. I’m messing with you. You can tell me my ideas are stupid. Take a breather champ. Private message me your address and I’ll send you a roll of grizzly long cut winter green chewing tobacco or some other lesser brand and we can call a truce.

If you don’t chew, I’ll send you a challenge coin of some kind.

Ultimately, my only goal here is to help out. And sometimes it’s easier than I would ever imagine to ruffle feathers.


My advice is go solo


I thought about doing the same thing but the hot water unit will explode from pressure long before you can use it. And suds is right you can’t heat the water before going into the unit and it will burn up


Probably the best thing for all of us is to ignore clowns like the original poster. @Chris it would be nice to require signature lines to get rid off some of the anonymous posters. Turn of the spiders or whatever they are called so no one can bing or Google the stuff on here. Like Bob’s board. Either way, anyone questionable needs to produce a coi from now on for my help. To many nut cases washes houses without insurance or intelligence, putting a blight on all of us.


Coi? What’s that?


Certificate of insurance


Ah got ya. Anyone who doesn’t have insurance is a douche!