New Business - Power Washing or Power Washing and Window Washing?


How many clicks were you getting for your $500? What was your cpc?


Sounds like click fraud I’m only paying 300 per month and have no complaints. They can check IP address and tell if it’s a legitimate click


Believe cost per click was around $2 if I remember right from our last phone conversation. I did ask them about the click fraud, but they didn’t think they saw any. Heck, I only had AdWords on for 2 weeks in January and ran almost $300. Still have them maintaining the webpage for about $75 a month, but I might cut that too. Not sure what “maintaining” it involves, but I just spent a couple hours today adding pages, pics and testimonials myself. Still some other things I need to change at some point.


Apparently the guys at Mister Pipeline associate with Ron Musgraves. I may very well be done with them.


I always here lots of hooting and hollering about them…then when it comes to results it seems to be quiet.

I think the biggest thing is most ppl spend 50 dollar ad word campaigns. When you hire some they are making you pump hundreds into it. So the results look better

Ad words is the simplistic form of advertising, especially in our industry. E commerce store that does nationwide shipping, yes I would hire someone that’s an expert.

Pressure washing for 2-3 cities ? No thanks


Called them today. There are affiliated with the U. I think they are just trying to get there foot in the door with this industry. They are also going to be at the Huge Convention this year. Evan seemed very knowledgeable and helpful. May give them a chance with AdWords.


I’ve had excellent results with them. They’ve exceeded everything we’ve agreed to. I’m getting calls and it’s more than paid for itself.


I got maybe 2 calls in the past 2 months off AdWords through them. Cost me over $1k. I think it must just depend on the area. Awesome if it works for you. Sucks when it doesn’t.


Why not use AdWords express? It’s pretty straight forward to set up and you don’t pay someone to manage it. Just pay the rate you set.


There are a couple different issues here.

  1. You assume wfp can clean windows sufficiently. They can, but it does involve of course skill, but also faith that you got all the debris. You must be able to live with not knowing for sure how they will look from the inside and if you got all the debris/ no splashes and that can be unsettling if your like me. Their is some debris that wfp can’t get off which makes it better used as a maintenance cleaner. I have found you can’t reliably use wfp directly after a house wash as the drips on to the sill cause splashes on to the pane.

  2. If you tell people their windows are going to be clean and clear they probably will have false expectations since both sides of the glass need to be cleaned to be clear.

  3. You might consider subcontracting with a window cleaner you can trust to do it right. That’s what we do, and I can’t tell you how many great residential pressure washing clients we get because they first want window cleaning.

  4. Along the same thread as 3 you might check out the upkeeper gutter vacuum. It work great and makes gutter cleaning super easy.


Fake news


watchu mean fake news Trump?


Gutter vac is a monumental waste of money


It’s actually pretty awesome if you value not getting hurt on the job. The only downside are getting it out of the van, not being able to see in the gutter, and they cheaped out on some of the build quality, but I’ve created solutions to those problems. Totally recommend


Where ever you are you must not have roofs and valleys covered in leaves and straw or packed downspouts. I know of several that got conned into buying them and realized quickly they were duped


It’s good man, admittedly can’t blow off the roof from the ground but it does easily suck out even packed gutters. I have a Sony action camera with a wireless viewfinder to see inside and a small hose and crevice tool all on a pole to make sure I got everything and the downspouts work. I can even get situations I could have never got with a ladder. There are a few times I just use a ladder and a stick when I see its faster but it’s pretty rare.

We offer roof blowing and gutter cleaning as a separate service. In cases where we need to blow the roof and gutters we would likely blow them if they were dry and vac them if they were wet.

Its convenient to use and makes my job relieving knowing my guys and I don’t (rarely) have to get on a ladder to clean gutters. It might not be for everyone if you just value getting the job done as fast as possible by any means and as cheaply as Possible. But those methods do have risk and stress that goes along with it. The vac eliminates that


I was with you until that remark. I only offer professional gutter cleaning so leaving debris on a roof to flow into the gutters the next time it rains unless the customers pay more to have the roof cleaned isn’t an option for me. Good luck with what your doing.


Lol. My wife read this thread and said I should buy one for my out of state properties that don’t have pine straw


I see your point with offering both roof blow and gutter clean out together always. I Think it’s fair to give them a choice with a strong recommendation. It is our minimum viable offer

I’ll have to send some vids of this thing in action. The only place I have an issue with it clogging is at the hose when the gutters have a lot of wet muddy sand. Not sure how long of pine needles it will suck but I’ve never had an issue. It’s gas powered Honda 5hp.


How much does that vac run? I’ve been looking at some from Meyers, they have a 5hp and a 14hp model.