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Safety first also applies to avoiding problems with authorities. The only run-off in our area that is approved is car HOWEVER, the litmus test for investigation here is exactly that: a pH test to determine an unacceptable run-off. While I doubt that once diluted by stormwater, a pretreatment will create an infraction, why take the chance? As demonstrated over and over, the power is in the post-treatment, with absolutely NO rinse or chance that we might in some way harm the environment or gain the ire of the authorities.


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Not really, In Australia you cant even wash your car in your driveway, you have to drive it onto the grass.

From what I have seen when it comes to safety standard, I cannot imagine America having stricter EPA guidelines than here, I worked with a guy we were window cleaning, it was the end of the day he poured the dirty water from his bucket( that only contained an orange based mild detergent and very little of) down a drain in the street, he was spotted doing it and fined by an EPA inspector.


My advice, take the advice lol… I started off with a cheap direct drive and within a month bought a belt drive… then another… and now another.


In my part of Australia we dont have ridiculous laws about water reclamation.
At the moment our laws are fairly relaxed but as more do-gooders move in and complain things will probably change …
Apart from the water reclamation a couple of cool laws:
We can buy and use as many fireworks as we want on territory day.
We can own as many firearms as we can store in our safe/s.
There is no alchohol limit when operating recreational vessels.
Theres more stuff that is not exactly legal but is not enforced , freedom to do what I want is one of the reasons I moved here 20 years ago.