My 12v down streaming setup

Tank is a 2 gal accumulator. Keeps a steady water supply to the pumps. Without it and doing a house with poor water supply, I would notice if a toilet gets flushed. This gives me that 5-10 second buffer time with no loss in pressure.

The pumps built in switches are cranked down to the max which is supposedly around 125 psi. I then run all of a single Wasco liquid pressure switch set at 90 psi. So, all pumps are synced together.

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You can see the switch in this pic. My first build used an air compressor switch which worked well for a couple years.

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Do you have separate switch on each pump? Looking online, looks like the Wasco switchs are pretty expensive. How much is the control box and all the switches. I’m thinking I could use to equalize 2 pumps on my new trailer build.
Where do you install the actual switches, into your output line. You have any closeups?

I have one switch that turns the whole system on. That switch puts power to the NC Wasco switch, then to a relay that supplies power to a fuse panel. So, flip it on and all pumps come on together until 90 psi. All pumps are individually fused, so if one locks up it doesn’t stop me from washing. Luckily that’s never happened, but I rather have them all fused individually for that reason.

Yes, that switch is expensive. You can use a cheap air compressor switch instead. I had one that was on at 70, off at 100. The only reason I switched to the Wasco was we use them at my work on our machines and a couple years back we switched from this adjustable version to a set pressure, so these were no longer needed, and we had extras laying around.

Here’s a pic of inside my electrical box. This next rig will have a bit bigger box, it’s a bit cramped.


It’s just a cheap lighted rocker switch that turns it all on, you can see it in the upper left corner. Since I run all the power through the relay, I don’t need an expensive switch. It’s not in this pic, but I have a digital voltage gauge on the cover for this box. It’s pretty much useless now since I switched to a lithium battery. I either have 13.6v or its dead, no in between

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