Mask up?


This thread is 4 years old, and i just happened to see Jason Heath post on Facebook about this a few days ago. He said these are the masks he wears now:

The half mask that I, and lots of other people wear is this one:

The half mask adjusts to your face with a strap. It’s really comfortable, and it has a quick drop feature where you can drop the mask down, without taking it off… and then snap it back up when needed.


I use this


Sorry @tireshark read on fly didnt look at age of post will look into resp protection for next season for sure


No prob man, just wanted people to be aware that that info was old, even though that doesn’t necessarily mean it isn’t still accurate.

It’s good that you are researching it. There’s a bit of debate between some people about how much protection is really needed… but i think it’s better to be safe than sorry. I try to wear it on roofs, and may start wearing the paper ones on house washes… or at least i SHOULD start wearing it on house washes… remains to be seen if i do, i guess.

Like anything, the more comfortable the PPE is, the better chance people will wear it.


Im an elevator mechanic by trade. I leave nothing to chance, follow my own intuition and advice of my union brothers if i dont know 100%. Like i follow yalls storys of experience. All ab gaining knowledge, and u guys hand it out like candy…


I still carry a schindler key on my key ring and I’ve been gone from the fire dept 11 years.


I just wear one of those face shields you see advertised in facebook by SA company. I cant smell the bleach thru it, and I have a pretty large beard, so it keeps debris and mud out of my beard. Got a 5 pack for like $15 or something and I still use the same one… probably not the “safest” but it’s better than nothing.


Anyone tried a mask like this? Been trying to get away from the paper ones. Activated Carbon Dustproof/Dust Mask - with Extra Filter Cotton Sheet and Valves for Exhaust Gas, Pollen Allergy, PM2.5, Running, Cycling, Outdoor Activities


No idea.

I just have to ask, who in the world buys something like that used??


Haha no kidding that’s funny they sell that used. Shows it protects up to 95% of harmful element’s…


No mask needed by me. I’ve allready got lung cancer!


Not joking. I just feel like the fumes can’t make things any worse.


I have to disagree…ANYTHING you can do to help yourself is worthwhile, IMO


Sorry to hear that…prayers for you.


I don’t wear a mask but I do wear safety glasses when soaping. I’ve gotten Chlorine in my eyes too many times. It even blurred my vision for a few hours.


For me and my helpers


@Ikii Can you tell me what the manufacturer and model those are
Thanks in advance



Great topic. We call it PPE (personal protective equipment). This is one of the three “elephants in the living room” of our industry which too many operators are turning a blind eye to.

All those softwashers who spray without a mask, who drown their SH in synthetic fragrance thinking that it somehow helps, and especially those who add their own “proprietary” mix of biocides to the brew are kidding themselves if they really think the risk to health is negligible. Chronic exposure is a bitch.

Here’s an eye-opener for the skeptical: spend a season softwashing without a mask, then spend a couple hundred bucks on a Toxic Non-Metal Chemical Profile test. It’s a pee test, you mail it in and they tell you all kinds of info about how your liver is handling.

We always wear masks, I like the 3M vapor cartridges. We also explain to the homeowner WHY we mask up, rather than BS-ing them. To date, their response has always been 100% positive and appreciative.


I always wear a mask even when using a surface cleaner.
I always wear a hat.
Glasses i have to say are harder for me