Ladder choice 28' VS 32'? Fiberglass VS Aluminum


16, 28, 32, 40 on all the trucks. Aluminum. 28 used 95% of the time. Multi position ladders will get you killed


Like IBS said, the do-it-all ladders are a little sketchy. I keep one for step ladders up to about 8 feet, but after awhile the lock outs get sticky and sometimes don’t seat all the way. There was even A big recall on little giant ladders not too long ago.

And it actually feels faster and lighter to just grab an aluminum extension ladder off the truck than carry the foldable and unbuckle it, unfold it, extend it out…


One thing I’ve learned is to avoid getting killed at all costs. I’ll be picking up just the extension ladder. Thanks for the advice!


Check the weight of those converable latters a customers gave me one once because he couldn’t use it . That thing was rediculously heavy and complicated to use . I gave it to me neighbor.


I’ve got one and hate it. Heavier than you know what. The only reason I keep it is I can throw it in the SUV if I need it for an IT job.


I carry 6 ladders, but keep in mind I am also a window cleaner. I have quick-click stabilizers and also quick click ladder levelers for the werner extension ladders. They come in VERY handy. I rarely use ladders for house-washing, and when I do I have a flow-actuated unloader so I dont get the kickback from the gun thatll knock me off the ladder.

-2 Foot Step: Awesome for those just-out-of-reach windows, mainly found on decks
-17 Foot Little Giant: 30.5lbs, Interior-only ladder, can get most windows either a-frame or extended, and never any mud or dirt on it
-21 Foot Little Giant: 40lbs, Exterior only, use this every time, mostly in a-frame.
-24 Foot Werner Type 2 Alum. Extension: 33lbs, Great for houses with lots of two storey windows, can manage some three storey windows as well. Lighter than the 21 foot Little giant and very easy to maneuver solo
-28 Foot Werner Type 2 Alum. Extension: 42lbs, Great for all three storey windows and two storey gutters. Still easy to maneuver solo.
-32 Foot Werner Type 1 Alum. Extension: Ive only used this once in the last 3 years but hey, when you need it you need it. At 63lbs, it gets quite hard to handle on your own and better suited to a 2-man team.

No fiberglass, all way too heavy.


You want a big one run a 40 and avoid fiberglass. Way heavy. An aluminum 40 is plenty enough to wrangle when extending and setting up


Bingo on the quick connect bill hjornns


I upgraded my 24ft aluminum to a little giant hyperlite sumo stance…one of the sturdiest ladders ive ever been on…now i just have to keep from pulling my back out getting it off the rack and set up!


And it was like a 500 dollar ladder!


We use 28’ and 32’ aluminum every day. I have a 40’ aluminum which is a 2 man ladder. We use ladders to access decks but never clean from them.


I got one of the Little Giant 22’s about a year ago because occasionally I need a taller step ladder and it is handy once in awhile, but I hate loading and unloading that sucker. Thankfully it has wheels or I’d never use it.


I presently have a 26’ for sale, great condition.