Lack of Stock Photos


You could get into it for something as cheap as this:

Or if you wanted to go a little nicer route, and have the option to change lenses, (This camera could be used for family stuff too) I would go with this:

But honestly, as long as the camera has high enough resolution, most of it boils down to composition and editing.


Nikon D90 will be fine, but some like a full frame camera D750 the new 610 looks great but any good full frame is going to cost you almost a grand


Yeah, I use a D750, but I was thinking very basic here. Something that’s easy to carry around and won’t break the bank if lost or broken.


Before we all start geeking out on the equipment, perhaps we should split this to a new off-topic thread? Or do you not mind a little derailment from your original topic, @daltonaiken ?


That’s totally up to you. Haha


Meh. Let’s geek on… (plus, afraid I might screw something up trying to split it)


Its like buying a 4gpm when you should have gone 8gpm. I know most guys don’t know what the difference is & don’t care. Go Pros work great for work related video wearable & unique perspective for customers, I am really anal about my platforms & will go to the full frame every time. Great post & idea by the way I say go for it & create the largest database specifically tailored to pressure washing. Cheers


Great idea even as a sub category. I like it


that’s hilarious!

OK, I get the professional photography angle, but I have a iPhone 8 that takes pretty amazing photos. THE ONLY THING I TRY TO ACHIEVE is to take the pics from the same perspective, like this:

I’m not sure that the lack of professiopnality is really a drawback: after all, I’m a pressure washer, not a photographer.:grinning:


It really shows how well you cleaned it!

It would have looked a little better if the shot was composed from the same angle and didn’t have a guy walking in the background.

Try looking at your before shot before lining up the after shot. Maybe mark the ground with a stick or something. It’s easier for the eye to look back and forth at a pic shot exactly the same when comparing things.


Dramatic shot for sure


The cannon EOS rebal is AWESOME. Would recommend to anyone i loved that DSLR. The nikon d3400 is also good. Sold my rebal. Wish i would have kept it to take nice photos for before and after.


Just a great beginner camera. But with the new mirrorless cameras they have now for around the same price its a close call. Dslr take some time to learn and a mirrorless is very beginner friendly plus has great video. Ive also seen pics that i could not believe was taken with a iphone. Never owned one but they take some good pics.


I have a Nikon D90. Got it when they were brand new. I like it but there is so much better today. I shoot in .raw and can do some good stuff with the pics using Adobe Creative Cloud. Less than $10 a month for access to Lightroom, Photoshop and other programs.

My Galaxy Note 8 also shots in .raw if I use manual mode and it does pretty well. Auto mode is no slouch either but it wont save as .raw and does all the image processing using the phone which is not as good as you can do with Lightroom and Photoshop.


Any update on this?