In an attempt to clear the air


Sometimes I wonder if there’s anyone else on this forum apart from you and I… and our respective fake accounts


I hate that you have me the first half of the alphabet. I got stuck with awesomewash1 and @Jordie


Honesty all y’all gotta do is copy and paist old threads 99% of everything powerwash has been coverd 3 times over.


Does that mean @squidskc and @anon5179584 are the same person too?


Oh hello no

@squidskc doesn’t consume human souls for nourishment


Will need IP address to confirm.


Not really.

I can confirm that having talked to @squidskc in few places, at no point have I felt my soul being violently extracted from my being.

Reading the occasional post from the other guy… let’s just say I wash my clothes in garlic :kissing_heart:


If i knew how to do that i would. My wife has told me before it is not the same as or mailing address and that i was going tip get my identity stuff stolen. There is something you can do to track it because one of the illuminati traced Awesomewash.




I’ll just leave this here…