Improving one man efficiency on large commercial jobs

Not sure about 2022 but 2018 here in Louisville a hot water rental trailer was $250/day.

Probably more than a month’s worth of interest on a credit card for owning the same rig.

Ouch! Looks like I’m in the wrong end of the business.

As soon as I can get a 6gpm unit I will. Having to rent since loans are hard to come by now. Doing some spot treatment building cleaning at another shopping center tonight.

$250 would be cheap. I bet with the trailer rig and all that sucker is $500/day at least.

Here’s the one from Sunbelt Rentals.

250 a day is what my rental is, 270 with tax. $900 for a week. $50 a day for 16foot ladder.

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Admire the hustle. 50 a day for a ladder seems ridiculous though! Are you not able to buy one?
Seems like a few days hired and you could buy one yourself

Not bad, you can make those numbers work.