House Fire from softwash. MUST READ!


I’m glad it turned out as well as it did!


Thanks me too. For a minute I thought the house might go up.


They pay for it in tuition fees. They added I think $120 a semester per student in fees when they put the busses into motion. But the city took over the busses.


This is very good info schertz! Thanks for the heads up! This changes everything for me now .


I tape those off


Rubber gloves are borderline ingenious. Gonna implement that on my jobs from here on out. Thanks


I saw it on pressure washer TV on YouTube. I’m basically just a knowledge thief and a parrot. :slight_smile:


you spelled a “scholar” and “gentleman” wrong


Yeah @squidskc def genius, I’ll be hitting up harbor freight today for gloves and tape.


Please excuse any ignorance in this post as I am new and just getting started. Trying to learn as much as I can before pulling the trigger to start a PW business. I am genuinely curious and am in no way trying say anything negative towards OP or others, so if it comes across that way I apologize. But in a few of the replies here where a fire did end up happening as a result of either poor original workmanship, failure to maintain or repair the structure by the homeowner, or even failure to follow code, how could any of this be the fault of the pressure washer or the PW Company? He is not at fault, if it wasn’t him, it would would have been rain eventually.
Yes we obviously should take the extra precautions and strive for the best customer service standards as shown in some of these posts (which I plan on adopting/stealing!) to prevent an accident like some of these occurring. So I am just curious why OP would be worried about the homeowner contacting his insurance or possibly being at fault? Or really anyone here. It doesn’t look to me like anyone is at fault here in any of the replies. So is there something I am missing since I am so new to this?


If the house burns to the ground there is no way of proving you weren’t at fault. You could argue the opposite as well/ would rather avoid the whole deal and bag/tape stuff


I definitely agree to taking the proper precautions beforehand, and trying to avoid these type of accidents altogether. Just trying to understand risks of being at fault for stuff like this to be better prepared.


Not to mention the lawsuits afterwards. Who is a judge more likely to decide with? A now homeless family who didn’t have homeowner’s insurance and who’s house happened to burn down the exact same time water was being sprayed on it or the company who was the one spraying water on it at the time in went up in flames?

Even if it was 99% disproven that you were at fault there’s always that 1% chance you’ll get nailed. How people can take the chance and operate without insurance or an LLC is beyond me. One fire and you would be out of business, more than likely in bankruptcy, and could lose many of your personal assets. Scary stuff.


An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. I don’t mess with electrical. Always take the 5 extra minutes to tape off if it’s going to save potentially thousands of dollars and weeks or months of headache. Rule #1: Don’t lose money. Rule #2: Don’t lose sleep.


That power into the house had conduit that wasn’t connected to the meter. Hand wiped the area and made a little “umbrella”. Not worth the chance.


How could anyone ever start a job with the slightest feeling you could be burning down someone’s home, memories and pets inside?

Not worth the chance.


This is legalese for not taking 5 minutes or caring enough to return a home to a customer better than you found it.


Actually no. Soap makes water wetter. SH is highly conductive and surfactant breaks the surface tension allowing house wash mix to go places that water can’t.


Hi Guys the names Jose I am a newbie, thanks for the info from the experience…I was working with a guy about 2 weeks ago who was teaching me but he deff did not tape or cover anything and water got into one of the gfi outlets…luckily it tripped and the homeowner did notice but if it hadn’t who knows…I will deff cover everything I see…its not worth the risk for sure…I hope to keep learning from you seasoned veterans!! lol…any and all guidance is deff welcomed! I am in Va btw…my companies name is Wash Out Now!


Welcome to the group!