Hose reel dimensions


I wonder if a trailer spindle and hub would work? Shouldn’t take too much fab work. Take out the lugs, weld a 3" or 4" round x 6" length of steel pipe on the hub, and then weld a piece of steel plate on the top of the pipe to bolt reel too. Spindle would be welded to the pull out frame. Might have to put stops on each side so it doesn’t turn too far each way.

I know you don’t plan on doing it and I don’t either but just brainstorming.


Hmm. I have the cox reels and never so much as a problem. I’ve seen and touched the GP reels at a local pw system dealer and on a hotsy and they seem poorly made. I’m curious now. That’d surprise me if they were cox reels as the swivels and outlets are completely different.


My statement was too broad. There is one model I’ve head is the Cox rebadged.


Using that idea, just get a junkyard uni bearing off a front end of something its strong enough and cheep.