Help with softwash pump setup

Yes you’re reducing friction loss. Same for why you see more flow without a gun.

Why you have all that stuff on end of gun?

The answer to all your questions is from this video ( I found when I just started washing and wanted a softwash pump before I had money to buy one. I just copied it. Going to the store to buy some chemicals, any recommendations on a gun or lance for this 12v pump? Can I use a jrod with it? Just want to put down a nice fan for short-mid range stuff and a neat stream shooting high.

It’s the ghetto version of the DS Twist.

Walmart has their version: Hyper Tough Soap Blaster Nozzle

And I’m pretty sure Dewalt has their version also.

They fit a PWer (1/4"), but all those brass adapters are to get it to fit on the Gilmore garden hose sprayer for the cheap and dirty ghetto version of the DS Twist.

You can see it in action here at the end of the video previously posted:

Wondering if anyone has tried the new remco 100 psi 7gpm smoothflo pump? I just hooked it up and testing it, only downside seems the pressure switch is preset im guessing 100psi. With 3/4 plumbing and metering valves and 5/8 hose I’m getting right at 50ft w/ no wind. problem is due to the pre set pressure switch its overheating I guess due to back pressure? should I add another pressure switch and just bypass the original, I have a big roof job coming up and plan on putting a jobsite fan to blow but sure it’ll be a short lived pump how its acting now.

Are you are using spray nozzles or a garden hose style gun?

using a st 510 with a 7gpm long reach tip and fan tip

More than likely your orifice needs to be slightly larger, you won’t loose too much distance and it will be much less load on the pump.

What tips? Make sure you are using 40 orfice tips and not 30

i have a 7gpm sharp shooter long reach and im not sure of the fan tip size it was rated

I went and replaced every fitting on my manifold and re clamped every hose connection. def no air leaks. I completed my 4500sf roof job but pump overheated about half way through and had to wait/cool off with bottle water to get to finish. after this job im sold on getting a 24v and just putting a 5gpm on for driveways.

Did you try a larger orifice?

yes tried a 8gpm M5 twist from my pw same issue. pump will continue to build pressure and when i was on the roof the other day I wasn’t near the cut off switch. I installed a 30 amp circuit breaker but never tripped (its max is 26 amp at start I believe) ultimately its a 250$ pump I would of liked to get more use out of it but decided to just go ahead and get the x6 hope to get a year out the heads.

If the pump won’t shut off when it builds pressure than you need to adjust the pressure switch, it’s located here usually a small Allen screw.

the pump i got is pre set i guess? the smooth flo pump your not able to adjust the set screw. thats my whole issue lol

They all come pre set, the screw is under that cover on the nose of the pump.

Bad first picture but it doesn’t have a screw to set for pressure switch. Second pic is old Remco I had that I was going to swap switches but wouldn’t work.

It’s the newest pump they are selling with the dual control system… it’s supposed to restrict the out flow without having pump cycle on and off repeatedly.

I just never use it. It flows too much for roofs, doesn’t really shoot much further than my 12v, uses a lot more mix but mainly there’s not much it can do that my pressure washer cant. And I always have my pw on and I hate using the 5/8" hose. I’ve got less than 40 hours on it in 2.5 years

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I defiantly bought in to the 5/8 feed hose hype. after using it for 3months this year I’m probley switching back to the 1/2 for pulling around the yard sake ill take the maybe 5ft loss in distance. The good ol 12v pump has suited me well I just have been getting a lot of church jobs and oddly enough shopping center roof tops. I’m space limited on my rig so booster pumps and gas pumps are out.