Decent welding machine


I use to be a production manager at a pharmaceutical company and we would package over the counter medications for dozens of different companies but all the product was the same.

Instance, children’s liquid IBprofuin. The liquid was all from the exact same batch and we would bottle it in the same bottles and run 20,000 dozen for Walmart…change the labels on the machine and run 20,000 dozen for target. All the EXACT same but difference of 300% in price at the store.

I’m sketched out now on any products…like you stated, a lot of products are all made in the same facilities and labeled differently.

I wouldn’t be surprised if all the welders people are debating aren’t all built in the same factory lol


A great example is yetti vs all the other brands. Same stuff.


I bought the HF 125 flux core welder for $90 with coupon. Not the best welder, but sufficient for my needs.


Yeti tundra coolers, best ever.

Yeti cups, exactly the same as $9 Walmart. Lol


Extra long leads are handy I have found.


Is this any good for a couple of reel welds and maybe a mounting bracket?


That will do the job, I can’t believe how cheap they are getting!


Next welder I get will be a smaller mig so I can throw it in the truck without busting my back, my Lincoln is heavy. Those small stick welders are good for little jobs but any decent amount of welding will see you hit the duty cycle pretty quick.
I fully recommend getting an auto darkening helmet they make learning how to stick weld much less frustrating.


Awesome - thanks :+1:t2:


Agreed. Hobart gives much more value for your money. I just picked up a new one today. Get at least the 190. The same machine from Miller would be twice as much. Duty cycle is going to be a pita if you go smaller. It would be like starting on a house and getting 1 side finished then having to wait 30 minutes for your tank to refill. That might not be a great comparison but I’m a few drinks in so bottoms up!


Ha. I hate when i do this​:joy::joy::joy: