Cleaning unfinished redwood siding

Ouch! 68 Land Rover. I guess no one gets it…

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73! Shes a good girl. Lots of upgrades :wink:

Thanks Racer. I ordered 2#. Hoping that will work for about 1800 sq/ft.

Yeah, pump sprayer is the plan. Thanks for the info.

My bad I meant Land Rover

Same thing :grinning:
Shots fired if he’s a truest

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Read the coverage, I think it said good for about 400sq ft of surface.

My first one was a 71. Later had about 3 74’s and a couple of 76’s. The 71 was new, think it cost like $3600. You could buy those things cheap in the 80’s. Now they’re worth 4-5 times as much.

Please wear a respirator if using oxalic. My lungs almost got burned out using the stuff on a concrete pad.

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Mine is a 73, last of the small bumpers. Paid 8500 10 years ago. Basically replaced everything since then. Wishing they appreciated on the curve of most other european vintages…
I race a 62 TR4 too.

Thanks for all of the help