Cleaning the coil


HF is an evil thing @Hotshot

Be BEYOND careful with that stuff! When i have to work with it in the lab I have on a full suit with 2 pairs of gloves on.


Yes ma’am. We are careful and respect HF. We use it everyday to wash fleet trucks, we do not use it on our highly polished washing jobs. We use HF to flash trucks that need polishing. We also have a polishing shop to make extra income during the winter.


These two statements don’t really jive :unamused:


Why is that ?


So what you are saying is that the HF that is shipped as a corrosive and a poison was just running over your lawn? Did it then rain and go into a waterway? Dog walk over it? Squirrel? Barefoot child? It’s not even allowed on the same truck as food.

HF is something everyone should be afraid of and only use under extremely carefully planned situations…running over your lawn doesn’t sound like that type of situation.

Perhaps when you are calling ahead to the hospital emergency room, while your co-worker is being rushed by ambulance, asking them to get the hyperbaric chamber ready because there is an HF exposure case incoming…as I have done twice, you will better understand.

You don’t mess around with HF, you certainly don’t let it go over your lawn.



I’m sorry for using that product on the grass next to my shop ,with a garden hose and wire brush. Won’t happen again


Some flames erupted from my burner tonight after a few billows of heavy smoke. Time to clean I guess?


It depends. Sometimes it’s as easy as an electrodes out of wacky or going bad,clogged or bad fuel nozzle …could be a lot of things. How do your coils look ?


They look a little black but not too bad. I just texted the guy I bought it from (used machine) and he said it needs to have the fuel filter changed so I’ll do that first and see how it goes.


Yes sir. Cheapest first then go from there. Could be bad fuel as well. In line fuel filter 3 bucks. I put sea foam in mine from time to time. Air band adjustment is sometimes a fix as well


There was a gentleman on here higher up the post talking about red devil as well.


You get it figured out man?


Does Red Devil Soot Remover really work? I have never heard this before and I would have thought it is was the golden goose everyone would be doing it. Not saying what you are doing is wrong in anyway, just looking for additional input from anyone else using this.


Just like running shoes, Do you need them? No! Do they help? Yes!

I run some thru ocassionally, but You still need to clean it periodically… Once a year is good IMO


I guess then my question really is why not run it weekly or monthly as a preventive then? I just dont know anything about it to question your results. I am curious that if it works then why not do it as a regular thing and the concept communicated more openly.


The most effective way to control soot, is to run kerosene.Because it burns alot cleaner. Back in my hay day it was plentiful and cheap and at alot of fuel stations. In my neck of the woods these days,only place I can find it is tractor supply in a 5 gallon for high dollar


So now I always run this in all my farm,trucks and Hotsy PWer. Treats 320 gallons .


Be the guy to test it and run it all the time, I won’t because I’m still gonna open it up and service it in a year regardless… Also I don’t want the added cost… So Ocassionally works for me.