Cleaning a Driveway


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Just for kicks, turn both of them perpendicular to bar and run it. Then you’ll know why.

Having them turned the right way not only helps your cleaning spread, it also helps the speed of bar so you get more revolutions.

I feel like the kid who just found out he’s adopted. Used it today, works great.


Thank you, @Racer, for taking the time to make this video. For an inexperienced person like myself, this video helped me out a lot!

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They are some invaluable tips in that vid . It is long but well worth it . The walking perpendicular to eyesight was the first jewel i heard him speak . Glad to see this vid is still up even though it is so old.

LOL, 4 years old. Technique hasn’t changed.


Well, you had it mastered even back then, lol. The sludge sucker is now on the “get one to try out” list…

It’s one of those things you may only need every couple of months, but when you do, it’s really good to have. Go somewhere and buy 30-50’ piece of that flat firehose you see everywhere for cheap and band it to the end. It takes up very little extra room and you’ll usually need it. The 25-30’ that comes with it, generally not enough in my experience, to get whatever you’re pumping far enough away. If you don’t need just loosen hose clamp and slide it off. Like this, I just cut the fitting off and slid on and clamped -

I may have gone with 3", I’ll have to look

@Racer newbie here, (thanks for the education :slight_smile: ), just finished my first driveway and I’m going over my SC setup. I noticed you had a ball valve before the gun. I’m thinking of removing the gun all together and just using the ball valve to turn the water flow on/off (I’ve got a pump bypass for when my hand is off the trigger). My thinking is to reduce strain and fatigue on my hand. Any thoughts on whether this is a good idea?

Got a pic of your setup now? The setup I was using in video the same as I use now. Does your surface cleaner have a gun on it now. What SC are you using?

ATM I’m using a 16" mosmatic SC with a lance attached to a gun (and a 4GMP 13HP Honda GX390 @ 4000psi). The 16inch does’t have handles like the whirl-a-way, so I’ve got one hand on the gun and the other on the lance to hold it steady and manoeuvrer it.
When I upgrade to 8GPM I’ll get an 18 or 20 inch with handles. I figured if I removed the gun and plugged a BV into the lance I could switch the water flow on/off as needed and still protect the pump as it’s got a bypass that dumps the water when i’m off the trigger. Also, I could disconnect from the SC lance and use the BV with a fan tip to rinse as I go along the sections I just washed. (I’ll post a pic when I’m next in front of the setup).