Burnt grass - fertilizer reaction?


A couple of thoughts…

  1. My grass turns yellow in the winter. It LOOKS burnt, but that’s just what it does. It comes back green. How long have they been in the house? do they know what their grass does?

  2. Fertilizer = Ammonia. Ammonia and bleach are a bad thing. If they both settled in one area and interacted it is possible that there was a problem


Ok, I got my facts wrong about winter seeding.

You’re right, it wont grow but the seeds will work into the soil and germinate without having to keep it moist in the spring. They will grow deeper roots next spring since they will grow as early as possible next. By summer it will be very well established

I always thought it grew in the winter, which now really sounds kind of silly when I think about it, because it needs to be warm to start germinating.