Biggest pump to match with a honda gx390?

yep. Put a pulley on it and be done with direct drive

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gonna have to look into how its done!

Its easier to do a direct to gear driven set up, and gear will still pull water

I called a local place asking about having this done, they said it would take 3 days of labor to add it to a belt drive skid. Am I missing something here?

any link to how its done?


True. I just like beltdrive. This may be easier for the poster though

Should be about 4 hours labor and cost of skid

I am sure they do good work, but it seems like the mostly sell 2.5gpm-4gpm hot machines. I have a feeling that they mostly just sell name brand machines like hotsy and then do little things here and there. They seemed like they were uninterested in hooking my motor up to a belt drive and wanted to sell me something brand new. Is this a common thing? Should I look elseware and farther away for my help?

I can’t answer that. If I wanted it done I would just do it. Then again, I haven’t been able to login into my website and take out gutter cleaning and roof cleaning references for the past ten years because I don’t know how and the designer won’t do it

Well sadly until I am able to hire help I have little options.

The one thing I can do is work on websites, anything mechanical for me is a shot in the dark. Maybe in the future I could help you out and you help me set up a good machine.

Nope, that’s how I got in the website predicament to begin with. Traded a machine for a guys wife to make a website for me.

That makes sense. Probably just better off seeing if you can switch it to another hosting provider and paying someone off of fiverr to remove those links and pages.

What I really need to do is learn everything about the small honda motors, and mid range pumps. This way I can repair things myself if needed.

take some welding and small engine repairs classes a community college


I will look and see what they have to offer. College was fun, I would like to do it again if it was free.

Even if you’re not mechanically inclined, throwing a gear drive on is literally a 10 minute job.

As far as the guys who quoted you 4 days’ labor, I wouldn’t set foot in their place again. If they’re trying to rip you off like that already, they are crooks and they will take advantage of you at every opportunity.


I think I can figure it out. There is a guide on here that is pretty good. It seems like a good way to have something useful once the pump.

It just sucks because they are the only shop within a few hours from me. I guess I just have to suck it up and educate myself about the tools I am using.

What is the largest city close to you

Educating yourself is the best thing you can do. The quality online vendors are usually more than happy to walk you through anything you need help with, especially when you buy your parts from them.

When I was new and didn’t have much confidence in my ability to to do repairs, etc. I would always tell the vendor I was buying from that I would probably need help with a particular repair project and they were always very willing to help me do it myself.

The guys who run repair shops are just doing what you and I do every day: charging a fee for doing something that someone with the right tools can do themselves.

(The tools can be a bit expensive up front, but they’re much cheaper than paying someone else to do the repairs…The knowledge to use them you will gain as needed)


You are right. I am ditching the others guys for a company I just magically found that is closer. They seem like a bigger shop and a landa dealer. I am assuming these guys are a good company. I will give them a shot.

@Innocentbystander I just found a landa dealer with a website showing tons of in house equipment. They are about the same distance. I have no idea how I missed them.