Best setup for 6ft pickup bed


Are you feedingto both sides of the pump? I’ve never seen that before.


I think it’s good insurance. Some people in the industry say it doesn’t matter but the way the piston functions it makes sense to get water into both sides of the pump. I dual feed both my 8gpms but single feed with a 1” to my 5.5@2500. As far as a noticeable difference in performance :man_shrugging:t3: Maybe.


Yes. From the buffer it goes 2” to a 1.5 “ banjo filter. That spiraflex is 1.5 too. It goes to the T and then 1” feed lines on both sides.


I dual feed mine as well but I couldn’t tell a difference. I agree with Alabama better to be safe than sorry.


Virtually impossible for the dual feeding to make any difference unless you actually had a 1" intake line break. 8 gpm pump only going to pump 8gpm if already at max rpms. A 1" line flows more than 20 gpm. Having 40 gpm possible flow not going to make it perform any better. Spend some time on some irrigation or water dynamics sites.


I couldn’t figure out how it would make much difference after having the pumps open. But the Udor paperwork says to dual feed.

Just never seen one dual fed until now.

After seeing the inside of pump head it appeared to my uneducated eye that due to the position of the pistons at any given time, dual feeding could actually limit suction.

But… I’m no engineer. If it works it works and that’s what’s actually recommended by the manufacturer.


@Chris Chis I believe had some single cab Tacoma’s set up as pressure washing rigs. Maybe he can share a picture of how they were set up if he still has it saved. I actually would like to see them again since I’m setting up a truck mount in a Toyota truck at the moment.



Local tech that has his business for sale.