Best setup for 6ft pickup bed



Thanks man. 2012 f150. 5.5’ bed
Just added riderite airbags

8gpm skid. 2 electric 18” titans. 125 buffer. Putting chemical manifold on today.

The pic with the doodled lines is where I was thinking about hanging a softwash reel and putting a proportioner but I’ve decided against it. My main goal was to make this a simple, low maintenance set up.

Simple, stout truck bed unit.


Have you had any problems with the 8 gpm running the 125 gallon buffer dry?


Yes and no. First couple jobs I was having to shut down. Found my problems.

3/4” flexilla was kinking at the reel manifold.

Added a 45 degree 1/2” to the Titan 1/2” 90. Wrapped end closed to reel with poly braid

Second problem.
Feed port from buffer did not have a turn down and couldn’t get to the bottom of tank to pull water. I would have to shut down with 25 gallons in buffer because it was pulling air.
Fix: bought a threaded 2” to 2” 90 and screwed it into the threaded piece inside the tank. That was a huge PITA but at least I have long arms.


After fixing those problems the 125 keeps up fine. Also in the pic above I moved the flexilla bend restrictor up on top of the polybraid so it would keep it from bending too. I arrive with at least 60 gallons of water but prefer to pull up with 80 +. There are a lot of neighborhoods around here with really crappy output so time will tell. I just finished building it earlier this month so it’s only been on a handful of jobs so far


Did you make the cage in the bed or buy it?


Made it. Learned how to weld. :grin::+1:t3:


Stick or MIG

It’s definitely my favorite skill I’ve acquired in our business. It’s pretty dang fun.

The skid looks great.


Im going to make this change this week, on my trailer 225 horizontal leg tank to 125 utility tank with the Hudson I’m hoping to be around 100 gallons. Thanks for the tips I will apply them all.


Thanks man. MIG with gas. Some of the welds aren’t the prettiest but it should hold up for the service life I have planned for it.


Very nice set up


Thanks! A lot of thought and time went into it.


@Alabama there was a reason for tagging you. Love the set up. I just wanted more pics of it for myself. I’m considering doing something similar this season. I have a Tundra with the 5.5 ft bed.


Great setup


How is the reliability on the electric titan reels? Getting sick of my second leaking general pump reel


Good so far. I have 2 22” on my trailer and 2 18” on the truck. I kept extra super swivels and I need to get a couple extra solenoids to be on the safe side.


It’s a pretty basic design. My only advice is to Take your time. I went back and had to redesign the top because it was a little too high. I didn’t want to take any chances in parking garages.


What are your thoughts on the dual feed to pump now that its been utilized for awhile?


Are you feedingto both sides of the pump? I’ve never seen that before.


I think it’s good insurance. Some people in the industry say it doesn’t matter but the way the piston functions it makes sense to get water into both sides of the pump. I dual feed both my 8gpms but single feed with a 1” to my 5.5@2500. As far as a noticeable difference in performance :man_shrugging:t3: Maybe.